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Which Part Of Mexico Has The Best Surfing? (Perfect answer)

11 Best Surfing Spots in Mexico

  • Ensenada, Baja Norte. Surfer in Ensenada.
  • Todos Santos, Baja Norte. Aerial view of Cerritos beach in Todos Santos.
  • Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca. Barra de la Cruz.
  • Pascuales, Colima. Boca de Pascuales.
  • Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.
  • Troncones, Guerrero.
  • Playa La Ticla, Michoacan.
  • Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

What is the best surfing spot in Mexico?

  • Mexico’s Best Surfing Spots. From Baja California to Oaxaca, the Pacific Coast of Mexico is home to some of the planet’s most sublime surfing spots. “Mexico is a dream destination for a surfing trip,” raves Dane Sharp of iconic surf company Rip Curl.

Where are the biggest waves in Mexico?

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Some of the biggest waves in Mexico are caught at Puerto Escondido. Playa Zicatela hosts the most famous waves in the area, with lefts and rights up to 20 ft.

Is there good surfing in the Gulf of Mexico?

When most people think of the Gulf of Mexico, surfing probably never crosses their mind. However, the gulf is more than capable of producing quality surf. The gulf waves are influenced by tropical weather, such as hurricanes and cold fronts, often producing much higher quality surf that most would expect.

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Which island has the best surfing?

10 Islands Every Surfer Should Visit

  1. Oahu. The Oahu island of Hawaii is home to arguably the best surf in the world.
  2. Australia. Photo: Craig Parry.
  3. Bali. Photo: Trevor Murphy.
  4. Tavarua. Photo: Scott Winer.
  5. Tahiti. Photo: Jeremiah Klein.
  6. Barbados. Photo: Trevor Moran.
  7. Lanzarote. Photo: Alex Laurel.
  8. Ireland. Photo: Ryan “Chachi” Craig.

Is Mazatlan surfing good?

Mazatlan is generally safe for surfers and is considered one of the best surfing destinations in Mexico. You can stay safe by sticking to the busier beaches where there will many people around to help. Also, don’t attempt to ride waves above your skill level.

Is there surf in Cancun?

Cancun is the best place in the world to learn how to surf and here’s why; 1) Year round warm crystal clear Caribbean water. No wetsuit needed. 2) The break in Cancun is an easy going beach break with an all sand bottom.

Is there surf in Tulum Mexico?

Tulum certainly isn’t a surfing capital of Mexico, but it’s still a cool sight to see. Tulum was a major center for trading back in the 11th century, and the ancient ruins from that time still remain. Visitors can explore the ruins for $4 or hire a guide for a more in-depth tour.

Is Clearwater Beach good for surfing?

Clearwater Beach is one of Florida’s best-known beaches, renowned for its white sands and, of course, its clear waters. It’s nonetheless possible to surf on Clearwater Beach, taking advantage of the dozens of surf shops that line the main beach road.

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Does Clearwater Beach have waves?

The water is shallow and calming to swim in. Clearwater had no problem with shallow waves as they don’t have violent waves crashing at you. You can thoroughly enjoy swimming it and walking miles away from shore to enjoy that swim.

Can you surf in Port Aransas?

Port Aransas has some the best surfing in Texas. The water is turquoise blue, the swell is consistent, and there are many piers, jetties, and sandbars. This creates peeling surf waves along the beaches of Port Aransas and Mustang Island. Surfing is becoming one of the most popular activities on Port Aransas.

Is Maui good for surfing?

Maui boasts more beginner surf breaks than any other Hawaiian Island. The hallmarks of a good beginner surf spot include being easily accessible to someone who has never surfed before, a non-competitive and friendly vibe in the water, and lack of dangerous obstacles like reef, rocks and rip tides.

Is Kauai or Maui better for surfing?

Kauai is supposed to have much better conditions for surfing than Maui. You can take lessons in Poipu easily.

Is surfing better in Maui or Oahu?

Every island is going to have fantastic beaches. Coincidentally, Oahu is also home to one of the best beginner surfing beaches in Hawaii as well: Waikiki Beach. While Maui does have its fair share of surf breaks, including Peahi, the biggest surf break on the island, they don’t really compare to the waves on Oahu.

Is Mazatlan safe?

Mazatlán is SAFE for tourists to visit for a vacation, holiday, or cruise ship stop. Stick to tourist areas such as the Golden Zone, Old Town and Malecon where Tourist Police have a constant presence. For an extra layer of safety upon arrival, we suggest using a safe and reliable airport transfer.

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Can you surf in Mazatlan Mexico?

Miles of coastline, breaking waves, and warm waters make Mazatlán a surfer’s paradise. Optimal surfing season is from May through September, with ample options depending on taste and skill level. Choose a beach with a sand bar or stone beneath the water, with waves that break to the right or left.

Is there surf in Mazatlan Mexico?

Mazatlán, Sinaloa In fact, Mazatlán has arguably the best all-rounder beaches for surfing anywhere in the country. From the family-friendly, excellent for newbies Playa Los Pinos to the crashing break of Playa Olas Altas, whichever you choose, keep in mind that the Mazatlán surfing season runs from April to October.

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