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Which Canon Camera Is Good For Surfing Pictures? (Solved)

Best Cameras for Surf Photography In 2021

Image Product Rating
Best For Professionals Canon EOS-1DX Mark II 9.8
Best High-End Option Sony a9 II 9.6
Best For Beginners Sony Alpha a6000 9.5
Best For The Money Canon EOS Rebel T6i 9.2

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What is the best camera for surfing photos?

  • Waves can be long, but surf moves are quick. A fast camera is the only way to ensure that you’re getting the kind of images you want. A Canon 5D MKII or III or a Canon 7D are excellent choices for shooting action like surfing.

How do I take good pictures with my Canon surfboard?

18 Tips for Incredible Surf Photography

  1. Study the light before you start shooting.
  2. Use a lens with a lot of ‘reach’
  3. Err on the high side for shutter speed.
  4. Keep ISO as low as possible.
  5. Consider a circular polarizing filter.
  6. Remember to expose for the skin.
  7. Rules of composition still apply.
  8. Post-processing hints/tricks.

Is 300mm enough for surf?

I would say that a 300mm lens is almost-but-not-quite enough for most surfing shots. It depends a lot on the surf spot and what you are looking to achieve. Even with the Canon 1.6 (?) digital factor it probably isn’t quite enough for tight action.

Who is the best surf photographer?

LeRoy Grannis, the father and icon of modern surf photography, started his long career in the 1960s and quickly became the sport’s most important historian. Grannis captured everything with the feeling of what surfing was and is.

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How do you get good wave pictures?


  1. Invest in a good and sturdy tripod.
  2. Use Graduated ND filter to balance the exposure between sky and foreground.
  3. Put safety first. Waves are unpredictable.
  4. Experiment and try different shutter speeds to find which works the best.
  5. Always bring a cleaning cloth to clean sea spray off your lens and filter.

What do you need for surf photography?

What camera settings do you recommend for surf photography?

  1. Higher shutter speeds around 1/1000 for capturing the action.
  2. Aperture anywhere from f/5.6-f/8.
  3. ISO around 400 for shooting in water.
  4. Custom white balance before heading out.

What camera does Morgan Maassen use?

And, he says, the small size and light weight of the Nikon D7500 is ideal for traveling the world and for active photo shoots such as this one. “I primarily shoot on the Nikon D5 and D4s, which are full frame FX bodies.

What is a 70-200mm lens good for?

A 70-200mm lens is a versatile optic with uses for wildlife, wedding, sports, landscape and even portrait photographers. The option of having short, medium and long telephoto focal lengths in one lens with a fast constant aperture gives photographers so many creative options.

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