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Where To Put Car Keys Whiel Surfing Reddit? (TOP 5 Tips)

How can I keep my car keys safe while surfing?

  • If they’re enjoying the sun at the beach, they’ll certainly do it for you. If you’re surfing at your local break, try your luck at the nearest seaside coffee shop, surf shop, or restaurant. Ask them to keep your car keys in a secured place while you have fun. After all, a loyal customer deserves a special treat. It’s a win-win situation.

Where do you leave your car keys when surfing?

Leaving Your Car Key With Your Car When Surfing (5 Solutions)

  • Wrap your car key in a diaper and hide it under your seat.
  • Leave your key on top of a wheel or under the frame of your car.
  • Put your key in the exhaust pipe.
  • Put the key inside the spare wheel.
  • Use a combination key lock.

Where do I put my car keys when surfing Reddit?

Most wetsuits or boardshorts have a special pocket for a key. If you want to do it right, have a single key that opens the door lock and leave the full set in the car. yeah, that’s the way to go.

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Where do you put your stuff when surfing?

Where do you store your keys when surfing?

  • In a padlock that’s locked onto the car.
  • Bring it with you in a waterproof bag.
  • Leave the keys to your partner/coffee shop.
  • Leave them inside a towel ashore.
  • Top of a tire.

Where can I leave my car keys at the beach?

A clever tip for hiding your car keys and other small valuables is to place them inside of an old sunscreen bottle or container (be sure to clean it out first – you could also place your belongings in a sealed bag). Nobody would think twice about looking into a sunscreen container left on a towel.

Where do you put car keys?

The 7 Best Places To Hide A Key on Your Car Are…

  • On the inside of the bumper (assuming you are using the magnetic hide a key)
  • Behind the front license plate.
  • Tire Well.
  • Gas Cap.
  • With someone else.
  • Hitch receiver box.
  • Your purse or wallet.

Where do you put your car keys when swimming?

Do what every local boy does, tie the car keys into the waist knot in your swim trunks. If your rental has an electronic entry thingy, it is best to remove it from the keys and leave it stashed in the locked car.

What do you do with key fob when surfing?

Here is the simplified plan:

  1. Equip yourself with a Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve.
  2. Pull out the valet key (metal removable key) from your key fob.
  3. Put your key fob into the Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve.
  4. Leave the Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve in your car.
  5. Lock your door and put the valet key into your wetsuit.
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What is valet key?

Valet keys usually can unlock the driver’s side door and start the car, but can’t unlock the trunk or the glove box. This key is normally used when someone else operates your vehicle, such as a valet parking attendant. In some BMW models, the valet key is usually in the car’s tool kit in the trunk.

How do you keep car keys dry when surfing?

Something that will avoid lots of scares.

  1. Take them with you. Possibly the best option of protecting your car key while surfing.
  2. Give it to a friend. Not always an available option, but it´s another very safe option.
  3. Hide it under a rock or towel.
  4. Buy a key lock.
  5. Hide it in diapers.

Are car keys waterproof?

Keyless remotes and car keys with buttons are not waterproof. Going to a beach should be fun. However you should still be able to start the car if the transponder is not damaged.

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