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Where To Go Surfing In December? (Solution found)

Where to surf in December

  • Taghazout, Morocco.
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
  • Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.
  • Algarve, Portugal.
  • Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Barbados.

Where to surf in Morocco in December?

  • 1. Taghazout, Morocco In December it is best for: Beginner ( Intermediate) Surfers Best Wave: Panorama Beach is right on the door step. It is a wide beach with several peaks, where surfers from all levels can enjoy surfing fun and easy waves on a sand bottom surf spot.

Where can I go surfing at Christmas?

Luckily, our favourite thing to do – surfing – is not just something for summer, but instead is a year-round holiday opportunity. If you are wanting to escape some of the winter cold and rain, we have some awesome winter surf holiday destinations for you for the winter of 2019/2020.

Can you surf in December?

December is the month where winter swells really start to settle in the northern hemisphere while sunshine and mellow waves arrive down south. Whether you are looking for a high-level surfing destination or a balanced, beginner-friendly spot, there is certainly somewhere good for you to surf in December.

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Where can you surf in the winter?

Search for surf camps

  • Morocco. If the long-haul trip to Indonesia, Hawaii or the Maldives seems like too much of a drag, there’s an equally excellent option closer to Europe.
  • Portugal. Known as the ‘Brazil of Europe’, Portugal is a surfing mecca.
  • Bali. What?
  • Australia.
  • Costa Rica.
  • The Canary Islands.
  • The Philippines.
  • Hawaii.

Can you go surfing in the winter?

True winter surfing is experienced in the U.S. along the East Coast —from North Carolina through the Canadian Maritimes—where the mercury drops to the low 30s and wind chills can dip into the negatives. In the Pacific Northwest, the ocean drops to between 45-55 degrees, but there’s much less of a swing between seasons.

Where can I surf in December for beginners?

Beginner Surf in December – Europe:

  • Taghazout, Morocco. In December it is best for: Beginner (& Intermediate) Surfers.
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. In December it is best for: Beginner Surfers.
  • Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. In December it is best for: Beginner Surfers.
  • Algarve, Portugal.
  • Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Barbados.

Can you surf in Tenby?

Tenby. Tenby South beach has been known to hold an awesome wave in big winter swells, although this is seldom seen. This spot only really works a couple of times a year when wind and swell conditions are perfect.

Is Puerto Escondido a reef break?

An introduction to the Puerto Escondido surf Puerto Escondido has been a major hotspot on the Mexican surf scene since the 1950s. That said, it was the 80s and the 90s that really brought it to the fore, as surfing got more daring and advances with gun surfboards brought the town’s gnarly beach break into play.

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Where can I surf in Europe in the winter?

Winter surfing in Europe

  • Destination no 1: Canary Islands, Spain.
  • Destination no 2: Peniche, Portugal.
  • Destination no 3: Taghazout, Morocco.

Can you surf in Thailand in December?

When the surf is no longer working in Phuket, Koh Samui is usually your best bet – it gets surfable waves between October and December. You should take note that, being located in the Gulf of Thailand, it gets no groundswell whatsoever and solely relies on the wind to create surfing conditions.

What do surfers wear in the winter?

For surfing, we would never wear a dry suit, as they are too bulky. For paddling, some people wear dry suits in the winter but our crew usually wear a winter wetsuit for SUP surfing. You can wear a windbreaker on top of your wetsuit for flat water paddling.

Is winter better for surfing?

The reason that surf can be better in the winter is that winter storms are more powerful, and generate more consistent surf. These waves also come at larger intervals, giving surfers more time in between waves. Groundswell waves are also evenly spaced apart, which creates a more consistent, favorable wave pattern.

How do surfers stay warm in the winter?

8 Tips on How to Stay Warm When Surfing in Cold Water

  1. Start Your Session Warm.
  2. Wear a Thermal Underlayer.
  3. Stay Active.
  4. Avoid Duckdives (Where Possible)
  5. Wear a Hood with Connected Neck.
  6. Wear a Chest Zip Wetsuit.
  7. Tuck Accessories Into Your Wetsuit.
  8. Use Booties with Straps.

Why do people surf in winter?

Winter waves are more reliable than summer swell. Less northerly winds means the swell is smoother and cleaner than warmer months. This makes it much easier to catch a break and ride a wave all the way into the beach.

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Will surfing make my cold worse?

Most people fight of the snotty little invaders through a healthy immune system, but exercise and activities such as surfing, depending on how you approach it, can both help and hinder your immunity. People who do some sort of moderate exercise seem to get fewer colds.

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