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When Did Stephanie Gilmore Start Surfing? (Correct answer)

The New South Wales native began surfing at the age of 10 on Australia’s famous Gold Coast, thanks to the encouragement of her father, and was a natural on the waves. By the time she was 17 she was already entering competitions as a wild card competitor. In 2005, she won at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast.

  • Gilmore was naturally athletic—excelling in soccer, touch football, and field hockey—but gravitated toward surfing, and began riding waves daily at age 10. “Trying to master one of the most powerful elements on the planet can be daunting,” she says.

How did Stephanie Gilmore get famous?

About Stephanie Gilmore She won the first of her seven World Titles during her 2007 rookie season, becoming the first surfer on either the Men’s and Women’s side to accomplish such a feat. It would be her first of four straight she’d collect during her rapid takeover of the sport.

What sport does Stephanie Gilmore do?

Stephanie Gilmore is a seven-time world surfing champion who will make history as one of Australia’s first Olympic surfers at Tokyo 2020 where the sport will make its debut on the world’s biggest sporting stage.

What did Stephanie Gilmore come in the Olympics?

Stephanie Gilmore will be haunted by a poor wave choice that ended her hunt for an Olympic surfing medal, crashing out in the third round to South African outsider Bianca Buitendag.

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How old is Steph Gilmore?

Interestingly, Gilmore has worked with mindset coach Ben Crowe, who has also advised tennis player Ash Barty. Crowe defines success as knowing you’re worthy of chasing your goals and dreams, regardless of whether you achieve them. The surfer also credits her family upbringing in far northern NSW for this outlook.

What primary school did Stephanie Gilmore go to?

Early Life of Stephanie Gilmore She has two sisters name Bonnie Gilmore and Whitney Gilmore. She grew up in the localities of Murwillumbah and spent most of her childhood along with her family. Gilmore completed her elementary education at Kingscliff High School.

What awards has Stephanie Gilmore won?

For her triumphs, Stephanie has also been awarded both the Laureus World Sports Award in 2010, considered the most prestigious award in action sports worldwide, and has received two ESPN ESPYs for Female Action Sports Person in 2011 and 2013.

Does Stephanie Gilmore have siblings?

Career. Gilmore’s life as a surfer began at age 19 when she stood on a bodyboard. By age 17 she was entering world tour events as a wild card competitor, which paid off with a victory at the 2005 Roxy Pro Gold Coast. In her next season she won another wild card event, the 2006 Havaianas Beachley Classic.

How many Olympics has Stephanie Gilmore competed in?

Seven -time world champion Stephanie Gilmore says she’s eager to have another crack at winning Australia a first ever Olympic surfing gold medal, putting Paris 2024, or in surfing’s case, Tahiti, firmly on her radar.

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