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What To Do With Key Fob While Surfing? (Correct answer)

Here is the simplified plan:

  1. Equip yourself with a Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve.
  2. Pull out the valet key (metal removable key) from your key fob.
  3. Put your key fob into the Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve.
  4. Leave the Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve in your car.
  5. Lock your door and put the valet key into your wetsuit.

How can I keep my car keys safe while surfing?

  • If they’re enjoying the sun at the beach, they’ll certainly do it for you. If you’re surfing at your local break, try your luck at the nearest seaside coffee shop, surf shop, or restaurant. Ask them to keep your car keys in a secured place while you have fun. After all, a loyal customer deserves a special treat. It’s a win-win situation.

How can I hide my key fob while surfing?

Hide it under a rock or in your towel. Never leave your key on your tire, under your car, or in your trunk. Many thieves target surfers because we’re the chillest, right?

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What do you do with a key fob at the beach?

Place the key in a sealed bag and put inside a tow float. Get a copy of the key without the electronic part and use to drive to the beach (won’t work with cars that require the electronic key to be nearby to start), then tie to your swimsuit.

Does water ruin key fobs?

That’s because your key fob can succumb to one or more major problems from the moment it comes into contact with water: Voltage spikes – Water makes for a great conductor, which means it could easily short out parts of the key fob’s circuit board.

How can I hide my car key fob?

The 7 Best Places To Hide A Key on Your Car Are…

  1. On the inside of the bumper (assuming you are using the magnetic hide a key)
  2. Behind the front license plate.
  3. Tire Well.
  4. Gas Cap.
  5. With someone else.
  6. Hitch receiver box.
  7. Your purse or wallet.

Where do you put your phone while surfing?

I would say that you should just leave your phone and wallet in the car You can put your key on a string around your neck and put it in your wetsuite.

What do you do with your car keys when you snorkel?

i put our cc and keys in a little ziploc baggie and bury it in the sand under our beach mat.

Where do you put car fob when surfing?

Leaving Your Car Key With Your Car When Surfing (5 Solutions)

  1. Wrap your car key in a diaper and hide it under your seat.
  2. Leave your key on top of a wheel or under the frame of your car.
  3. Put your key in the exhaust pipe.
  4. Put the key inside the spare wheel.
  5. Use a combination key lock.
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Where do you store car keys when surfing?

The bag is folded so many times that water is never getting in. Then just put it in your wetsuit, either in the key pocket if it’s big enough, or in your upper arm, or next to your ribs or somewhere else tight-ish where it’s not going to move or get excessively flushed. Basically somewhere where it won’t fall out.

Can I swim with my car keys?

Buy shorts with waterproof pockets (if your key is electronic – or that have pockets with regular zippers if it’s a regular key). That way you will be free to take your key to the water with you. Get a pair of water shoes with tiny zippered pockets.

What do you do if you drop your key fob in water?

Leave the remote resting with the button side facing down so water can drain out of it. Once you’ve let it drain for a few minutes, take an absorbent cloth and wipe the remote with it to remove any water from the crevices or surface. After that, you will have to open up the key remote.

Can I roll up my windows with my key fob?

Here are a few examples of hidden key-fob features, some of which could be on the device for your car. Lower All Windows Instantly: One of the more common hidden functions on many of today’s key fobs is the ability to roll down all the windows and open the sunroof at the same time by pressing a single button.

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Can my key fob open another car?

Like what happened in Mr Bingham’s case yes, but it is extremely rare. However, as new cars are made so is new anti-theft technology such as transponder chips. These small chips placed inside the keys mean that the ignition can not start with a different key, even if it has managed to open the doors.

Where do you keep your key fob for spare?

Keeping your spare key with a friend, in a box on your car, in your wallet, or in a safe is the best way to protect yourself in case of a lockout.

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