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What Is Shoulder Surfing In Cyber Security? (Solution)

What is “shoulder surfing”?

  • Shoulder surfing is an effective technique to obtain someone’s personal information when standing in a crowded space, such as when the victim is entering a PIN at the cash machine/ATM, filling out a form, or paying with a credit card.

What is shoulder surfing?

Shoulder surfing occurs when someone watches over your shoulder to nab valuable information such as your password, ATM PIN, or credit card number, as you key it into an electronic device.

What is shoulder surfing cyber attack?

In computer security, shoulder surfing is a type of social engineering technique used to obtain information such as personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords and other confidential data by looking over the victim’s shoulder.

What is meant by shouldering in computing?

Shouldering is looking at someone’s information over their shoulder, for example looking at someone enter their PIN in a shop or at a cashpoint. A person can prevent this by using their hand to cover the keypad as they type their PIN, or being aware of people around them when typing in PINs.

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Which scenario is an example of shoulder surfing?

Some scenarios where shoulder surfing may occur are: Entering your PIN at the cash point or ATM. Using your credit or debit card to pay for an in-store transaction. Logging onto a banking application or website, either on the laptop or your mobile device, using your username and password.

What is shoulder surfing in social engineering?

Shoulder surfing is actually a form of social engineering. It basically means an unauthorized third party is able to view a screen and any confidential data displayed on an electronic device. You can also protect against shoulder surfing using a privacy screen for your computer.

How common is shoulder surfing?

Shoulder surfing happens to a substantial amount of people even if it’s not for malicious purposes. A recent study found that 73% of survey respondents indicated they had seen someone else’s confidential PIN without them knowing. Shoulder surfing can happen anywhere, especially at ATMs and kiosks.

What is a shoulder attack?

What is a Shoulder Surfing Attack? A shoulder surfing attack describes a situation where the attacker can physically view the device screen and keypad to obtain personal information. It is one of the few attack methods requiring the attacker to be physically close to the victim to succeed.

What defense is against shoulder surfing?

Nowadays, to defend against shoulder surfing attacks, one must be cognizant of their environment at all times. Threat actors don’t just shoulder surf by standing behind you at an ATM, but also use video cameras, binoculars, and other image magnification methods.

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What is the difference between tailgating and shoulder surfing?

Shoulder surfing – Just like it sounds. A person hovers over your should to obtain your personal information, such as a password, or a PIN at an ATM. Tailgating – An attacker will seek entry to a restricted area by closely following behind someone with legitimate access.

What is tailgating in cyber security?

The tailgating attack, also known as piggybacking, is a social engineering attack where the attacker gets inside a restricted area without proper authentication. The tailgater attacker and walk behind a genuine authorized person to get inside the restricted access area.

What’s the difference between phishing and Blagging?

Phishing is a technique of fraudulently obtaining private information, often using email or SMS. The key difference between phishing and blagging, is that blagging is targeted towards one individual, whilst phishing is broader and hopes to get someone to bite.

What is cybersecurity GCSE?

Cyber security is the branch of Computer Science that deals with online threats and how to keep data secure. This topic also covers the legal issues around computer use.

What is shoulder surfing how it can be prevented?

In order to protect yourself from shoulder surfing, you should take precautions when entering personal information into devices or filling out forms in public. Angle your computer or cell phone screen so that other people cannot see what you are typing. Use a privacy screen to make your screen less visible to others.

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