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What Is A Surfing Dryrobes? (Solution)

Surfing is where it all started. Designed by UK surfer Gideon Bright, the original dryrobe® was inspired by a homemade surf poncho created by his mum. Fast forward to 2010, and using his 30 years of experience in the water, Gideon developed the dryrobe® Advance – the warmest most versatile change robe in the world.

What is a dryrobe used for?

  • The dryrobe Advance is widely used for surfing (where it all started), windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, surf lifesaving, camping, mountain biking, diving, rugby, netball and obstacle course racing. In fact, dryrobes are used now in almost all outdoor activities and the list is still growing.

What is the purpose of a dryrobe?

The dryrobe® Advance uses a 100% recycled synthetic lambswool lining that draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly while insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm.

What is the purpose of a dry robe?

The world’s most versatile change robe Get active outdoors with the dryrobe Advance. Designed to let you get changed anywhere, dryrobe protects you from the elements, keeping you warm and dry in any climate. Not your average fit, the dryrobe Advance is large and loose enough to pull your arms inside and get changed.

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Are Dryrobes worth it?

Dryrobes have an excellent reputation amongst their customers, and having tried them ourselves, we think it’s a well-deserved reputation. They’re well designed, well thought out and fantastic quality.

Are Dryrobes towels?

The Dryrobe Premium Change towel with embroidered logo on the front. An all towel robe with a difference. Super soft Italian towelling throughout combined with our unique short length sleeve design to prevent drafts and unwanted exposure. Ideal for indoor or spring and summer outdoor changing.

Where are Dryrobes made?

dryrobe is a United Kingdom-based clothing brand, created by Gideon Bright. The brand’s first product was released in 2010 as a solution to keep athletes and amateur sportspeople warm that were regularly exposed to the elements.

Can you drive in a dryrobe?

dryrobe has a full length zip front: That’s why the dryrobe has a YKK® Zip, which is a two-way reversible zip, meaning you can operate it with your arms either inside or outside. You can also partially un-zip it from the bottom to allow more movement if needed for walking, sitting or driving.

Is dry robe an Irish company?

Dryrobe is a company based in the UK. One of its basic models will set you back around €150 – so you’d want to have a proper think about investing if you’re just starting sea swimming.

Who owns dry robe?

dryrobe founder Gideon Bright shares the inspiration behind this unique product and story of how dryrobe got started.

Are dry robes unisex?

dryrobe® Advance is a unisex garment. You can also use our Size Finder to find your perfect dryrobe®.

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Are Dryrobes warm?

Dryrobe is all about warmth. Staying warm while changing, standing around waiting to compete or train. It’s about getting warm after being cold & staying warm. Dryrobe can come with long or short sleeves & both have been designed to make it easy to pull your arms up and in to and get changed inside.

How do you wash a Dryrobe?

Washing Instructions

  1. Wash your dryrobe inside out (ideally in the Guppyfriend Washing Bag)
  2. A gentle or delicate machine wash at MAX 30 degrees.
  3. DO NOT hot wash.
  4. DO NOT dry clean or iron.
  5. IMPORTANT: use a non-bio powder.
  6. DO NOT use a fabric conditioner.
  7. After the spin cycle, hang or lay flat and dry at room temperature.

How do you dry dry robes?

Always hang or lay flat to dry. The dryrobe Advance is machine washable. It will retain its waterproof properties and will last and last if guidelines are followed.

What is a dry robe for swimming?

A Dryrobe is a long towelled robe that is used for changing under and warming-up after an open water swim. Dryrobe is one of the leading brands in this type of garment, the name of this brand having become synonymous with swim changing robe.

Who invented Dryrobe?

dryrobe was designed by Gideon Bright – a UK based surfer with over 30 years experience in the water. The first dryrobe was based on an idea Gideon’s mum had when he was a teenager. Surfing all year round, Gideon found that getting changed outside in the cold winter was not fun!

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