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Surfing How To Place Feet? (Perfect answer)

The distance between your feet should be around your shoulder width, or a little bit more. Having either a very small stance, or a very large stance both make it very hard to distribute weight forwards or backwards. This prevents you from accelerating or slowing down when you need to.

Do you kick your feet when surfing?

Don’t paddle; simply kick your feet. If you do it correctly, coordinating feet with your head (still), elbows (high), shoulders, and arms/hands, you’ll get that extra speed you need.

Where should my front foot be on a surfboard?

This is why foot positioning on a surfboard is a must-have lesson. Fortunately, there’s a golden rule. Your front foot should always be in the middle of the plank – lengthwise and widthwise – regardless of what size your board is. This is the classic, general position.

Do you lean forward when surfing?

The natural tendency is to lean back to keep the nose from going under water, but that will only slow your momentum which in not conducive to wave-catching. Lean forward but raise your chest so that your weight is just above the centre of the board.

What is poo stance?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘poo stance’ it refers to a surfer who stands on their surfboard with their bottom sticking out and bending at the waist. It looks like they are going to the bathroom. It’s also known as stink bug stance, or stripper butt.

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Why do nippers kick their legs?

As the left arm pulls, the right leg kicks. This lets you reach slightly further forward for a more powerful catch, and helps to balance the weight shift caused by reaching forward. At all times keep the board flat on the surface of the water.

Where do you lie on a surfboard?

Ideally you want to lay in the middle of the surfboard with your chest just above the centre point. Most people tend to lean back towards the tail of the board causing the nose to rise. This will create resistance when your in the water and make it harder to paddle.

Where should I stand on my surfboard?

Practice your take off. Standing position on a surfboard is with bent knees, feet wide apart, and feet and body facing either the left or right (your good side or whatever feels comfortable) while looking forward. You have to be good at doing quick take offs on the ground before moving to the water.

How do you position yourself in a wave?

You can catch the wave at its peak and then slide down into the pocket to keep riding. Simply put, position yourself on the peak because the closer you are to it, the higher chances you have of catching any wave. At the same time, the closer you are to that peak, the more people you are likely to fight for a wave.

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