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How To Turtle Roll Surfing? (Perfect answer)

How do you turtle roll on a surfboard?

  • When the white water comes to you, your surfboard should be 100% perpendicular to the wave (90 degrees). Just a slight angle can ruin your turtle roll: the white water will hit the side of your surfboard and throw it out of your hands. To flip the board back up, pull one rail with one hand, push the other with your other hand.

How do you turtle roll?

Only start paddling when bigger sets of waves have passed you and when the ocean looks calmer. Flip upside down. About 6 feet (2 metres) before a white water wave gets to to you, grab the rails besides your pectorals and turn yourself and the board upside down. Don’t forget to take a good breath before flipping under!

Why do turtles Roll in surfing?

Paddling Out on a Longboard with the Turtle Roll When surfing, it’s particularly important. It’s the technique short board surfers use for breaking through waves. They essentially push their board under the wave, and the buoyancy will bring them back up on the other side.

When should you turtle roll?

When you see a wave approaching, wait for the wave to be 2 meters (6 feet) away, and get ready to begin your turtle roll. If the wave approaching is white water or a wave breaking in front of you, you will have to turtle roll.

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Why do surfers dive into the wave?

Duck diving is the way that a surfer dives under an oncoming wave as he or she paddles out to the lineup. Ducking under the wave ensures that all the progress made by paddling out is not lost by being washed backwards by the wave.

Can you duck dive a fun board?

A funboard can be challenging to duck dive because they have a lot of volume in the nose and tail, making it tough to sink the board. It is still possible to duck dive a funboard, though with the right technique. The technique is similar to the one explained in the previous section on duck diving a 7ft board.

Can you duck dive with a long board?

You can’t duck dive longboards! Longboard duck diving relies on sinking the boards nose first then going underneath the wave. Longboards have volume making them buoyant but most are still capable to sink with the proper technique. It’s not easy, and like duck diving shortboards, it is really all about practicing.

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