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How To Keep Music Playing When Surfing Lg Note Book? (Perfect answer)

How do I play music on the LG Music app?

  • The Music app plays audio files that are stored in your phone’s memory. Copy audio files from your computer onto your phone before you open the Music app. NOTE The LG USB driver needs to be installed on your PC before connecting your phone to transfer music. To copy music files into your phone

How can I play music while using another app?

To play music in the background while accessing other

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Music Player.
  2. Tap a song in your library to listen to it.
  3. Tap the Menu Key > Settings and checkmark the Show notification option so that the music controller is displayed on the Notifications panel.
  4. Tap Home Key.

How do I get apps to stop interrupting music?

Open Settings, and then tap Apps. Select the app you want to prevent from sleeping, and then tap Battery. Make sure the switch next to “Allow background activity” is turned on.

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How do I play Spotify while using other apps?

Mobile Settings> Apps> Spotify> Permissions. Allow everything you see there.

Why does my music stop playing when I open another app iPhone?

Fix 1: Disable Auto play message If Auto play message is turned on in your iPhone/ iPad this may cause music to stop when message is received. Try disabling Auto-Play Message Effects (Accessibility->Motion) in Settings. This is a troubleshooting step.

How do I play music in the background?

How to Play Music in the Background on an Android Phone

  1. Tap the “Music” icon in your Android smartphone’s app drawer.
  2. Tap on the name of a song from the list of available options to begin playback.
  3. Press the smartphone’s home key to return to the device’s home screen.

Does Do Not Disturb play music while playing?

Step 1: Tap on Add Macro > Device Events and select Music/Sound Playing. Now, select the option Started. Step 2: Next, tap on the Actions tab, scroll down and choose Volume > Priority Mode/ Do Not Disturb option, and select Allow Priority Notifications.

How do I turn off audio ducking?

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  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Accessibility.
  4. Tap VoiceOver.
  5. Tap Audio.
  6. Slide Audio Ducking to “off.”

Why does Spotify stop playing when I leave the app?

If you are wondering why Spotify keeps stopping in between use, you need to understand that the app needs sufficient storage space on your device to run effortlessly. This space is used for saving music and track data to the cache. This process also uses up some amount of RAM on your device.

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How do I keep Spotify running in the background?

If you’re on Android, you can hold down the Spotify app and then click on “app info”. Next, click on battery and the option to allow it to run in the background is there.

Can I listen to Spotify while on the phone?

Spotify has partnered with Facebook to allow listeners to enjoy their music and favourite podcasts from Spotify within Facebook on both the iOS and Android platforms. Thanks to the new miniplayer on the Facebook platform, Spotify subscribers now don’t have to switch apps to listen to their content.

Why does my music stop playing when I open another app android?

According to 9to5Google, there is a new Android Auto music bug that pauses your music when you open an app. This affects the phone that is powering Android Auto. If you need to update your directions via Google Maps your music may be paused.

Why does my music stop when I turn off my phone?

When an app’s sleeping mode is active, it prevents the app from running in the background. That’s why the music might stop when the screen turns off. Let’s see how to remove the music app from Sleeping apps setting.

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