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How To Get Sponsored Surfing?

1) Start Small

  1. Go local and speak to surf shops about repping their brand.
  2. Tell companies why they should invest money into you, what can you do for them?
  3. Ask for small things first (stickers, t-shirts, Hat) then promote and build up from there.
  4. Lower your expectations and be realistic.

What are the best ways to get sponsors for surfing?

  • Competition is also great for surfers who are not yet sponsored, to gain some exposure and showcase their skills, competitions can attract talent scouts and surf businesses who might be interested in offering you some kind of sponsorship. Compete in surf competitions – Start local and small.

How much do sponsors pay surfers?

Brand sponsorships and winnings can earn pro surfers at least a million dollars or more each year. It is estimated that surfers on world tours make between $250,000 to $400,000 a year.

How can I get sponsorship easily?

Have a great sponsor proposal.

  1. Start with a story. It could be your story, or the story of someone whose life you changed.
  2. Describe what you do. This is your mission statement.
  3. Benefits.
  4. Describe your demographics.
  5. Create an advisory board.
  6. Ask for the money.
  7. Promise deliverables.
  8. Don’t sell yourself short.
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How do you get sponsored by Billabong?

HOW CAN I GET SPONSORED? If you want to get sponsored, get out there and rip. Win contests, get photos in the mags, get yourself in videos. If you’re killing it, our crack team of talent scouts will find you.

How do you become a professional surfer?

How to Become a Professional Surfer

  1. Find a sponsor. If you have been surfing for a long time, it is likely that the cost you have paid to surf has been quite high.
  2. Get a part-time job.
  3. Have hobbies besides surfing.
  4. Be ready for hardships.

Do pro surfers have agents?

In many ways, the fact that surfers have agents is not surprising— they are professional athletes, after all—but the agents provide a window into a bigger story about how the surf industry grew so rapidly as to outpace itself: Many companies are still loathe to work with surfers who have agents.

Who is the highest paid surfer?

Who is the Highest Paid Surfer? Gabriel Medina is the highest-paid surfer in the world based off of surf sponsorships, earning over $2.2 million dollars per year from major sponsors like Rip Curl, Corona, Audi, Ralph Lauren and more.

How do you ask a brand to sponsor you?

To obtain a corporate sponsorship, make sure you do the following:

  1. Choose companies with values more aligned to yours.
  2. Give something back to them.
  3. Have a strong, clear, engaging proposal.
  4. Don’t wait until right before your event to ask for a sponsorship.
  5. If you know how much money you need, ask for it outright.
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How do you ask for sponsorship?

A typical sponsorship letter uses the format seen in many business letters. You should use the right structure or it won’t look professional. Start the letter with the date, and then the sponsor’s name and address. Then, after a space, put the salutation: Dear (Name of the person) and a comma.

Where can I find a sponsor?

A good way to find a sponsor is to attend S.L.A.A. face-to-face meetings, conferences and workshops in your area, if there are any. You may also attend meetings, conferences and workshops outside your area.

Is it hard to be a professional surfer?

Red Bull’s Airborne series will also blow your mind. The 2019 competition started with the Quicksilver Pro in Australia. After the Gold Coast, they took on swells in Bali and southern France. These surfers don’t just ride the waves, they do so like freaking acrobatics.

Who does Rip Curl sponsor?

T he World Surf League (WSL) has announced a three-year partnership with Rip Curl set to become the title sponsor of the new one-day competition, Rip Curl WSL Finals.

What are the odds of becoming a pro surfer?

Only 0.0000014 Percent Of Surfers Will Qualify For The Tour.

Is 19 too old to start surfing?

There’s an age limit to surfing You’re not too old to start surfing. Seriously, no one is going to ask for an ID when you enter the lineup and you don’t have to be this tall to ride a wave. There’s no age limit to surfing and it doesn’t matter if you begin as a 19, 25 or 35-year-old.

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How do I get sponsored by Quicksilver?

HOW CAN I GET SPONSORED? If you want to get sponsored, get out there and rip. Win contests, get photos in the mags, get yourself in videos. If you’re killing it, our team of talent scouts will find you.

What age do pro surfers start?

On average, a surfer starts his or her professional career at between 14 and 18 years of age and hangs the leash around 35. Nevertheless, we’ve athletes reaching their peak of performance around 35 or 40.

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