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How To Get Bearded Dragon To Stop Glass Surfing? (Best solution)

Moving your bearded dragon to a new enclosure or changing its place will raise the level of stress in the beardie as they have a hard time adjusting to the new home, which may result in glass surfing. You can avoid this situation by changing the environment around the beardie slowly and gradually.

What are the dangers of a bearded dragon?

  • When startled or handled roughly, a bearded dragon may bite, causing a painful injury. The lizard’s venom is not toxic to humans, but wash the wound thoroughly to help prevent infection. Beware of the dragon’s skin as well. The skin of a bearded dragon can be rough enough to scratch your skin.

How do I stop my bearded dragon from reflecting glass?

This is somewhat hard because he does require basking lights, so what you can do is somewhat surround his basking area with plants or logs that will hinder the light from hitting the glass and cause a reflection. Keeping the glass terrarium near a bright wall will also help.

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Why is my bearded dragon against the glass?

Glass surfing is thought to be a result of stress and a bearded dragon may be stressed for several reasons: An enclosure or tank that’s too small for it can stress a bearded dragon out. Feeling threatened by its own reflection in the glass can cause stress. Feeling bored or hungry can be stressful to a bearded dragon.

Should I stop my bearded dragon from Brumating?

One thing that can be answered for certain is young Bearded Dragons (under nine months) should not brumate at all. It is normally better to keep Beardies awake during their first winter by increasing basking temperatures to around 105°F. When Beardies brumate they greatly reduce the amount of food they eat.

Do bearded dragons get used to their reflection?

I’ve gotten them used to their reflections. Tasty Treat seemed confused and puffed her beard out at her reflection. when i put her up to it she licked it.

How do I make my bearded dragon not bored?

A great way to get your bearded dragon out and about is to use a special leash and take him for a stroll. This is an excellent activity for getting in a little exercise for yourself and some get-away time for your bearded dragon. A walk along the beach, or around your local park are always fun ideas.

How can we prevent glass surfing?

Checklist For Stopping Glass Surfing

  1. Check the size of your tank (50 – 75 gallon tanks are recommended).
  2. Remove any other bearded dragons or reptiles to another enclosure.
  3. Check the temperatures.
  4. Check the diet and look for frequency, as well as the type of food.
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Is it normal for bearded dragons to sleep against the glass?

While any number of factors could cause your bearded dragon to sleep standing up against the glass, including stress or inappropriate heating levels, it is more than likely just because your bearded dragon is comfortable and is happy in that position.

How often should you soak your bearded dragon?

How Often Should I Bathe My Bearded Dragon? The answer to this question often depends on your dragon. As a general rule, bath time three times a week should be sufficient to keep your dragon clean and hydrated. If your dragon absolutely hates baths, then once a week may be a reasonable goal.

How do you know if your bearded dragon is hibernating?

Signs that your beardie is brumating include:

  1. Spending less time in the basking area and instead retreating to cooler areas of the enclosure.
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Sleeping for longer periods of time.
  4. Seeking dark places to hide or digging to make a nesting spot.

Is my bearded dragon dead or hibernating?

Bearded Dragon Brumation Or Dead This might make you think whether your bearded dragon is bromating or is he/she dead. If your beardie is just limp and unresponsive, it could simply be brumating. But If it is stiff — as a board, doesn’t move at all — he’s definitely gone.

Is shedding painful for bearded dragons?

One thing you must never do though, is pull skin off, or peel skin. I’ve witnessed many reptiles, not just Bearded Dragons, get damaged skin/scales due to keepers “aiding” the shed process. This does cause them pain and can lead to infections, so don’t do it.

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Are Mirrors bad for bearded dragons?

Mirrors are not generally recommended close to a bearded dragon’s habitat. Since a bearded dragon does not recognize their reflection, they will more likely think it is a rival dragon, come to invade their territory.

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