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How To Gain Speed Surfing Csgo?

  • In order to speed up properly, you need to sync your mouse movement and your keys. A great tip is to go up and down on the ramp. Move close to the top then go down, and repeat and make it a carefully timed process. A game like CSGO is amazing to play and have fun with.

How do I turn on air acceleration in CSGO?

Air acceleration requires a command line parameter, and this can no longer be changed inside the game. Simply edit your game shortcut or the command line parameters that Steam launches the game with and add +sv_airaccelerate 150 – where 150 is the air acceleration value you want to use.

How do you surf in CS GO?

Launch the game and select Play CS:GO. Choose the Community Server Browser option in the drop-down menu. Type surf in the search bar at the bottom, click on a server from the list, and click Connect to join the server.

What is the best CSGO surf map?

Best surf maps in CSGO

  • surf_utopia_v3.
  • surf_ski_2_go.
  • Surf – Forbidden Ways.
  • surf_mesa.
  • surf_kitsune.
  • surf_summer.
  • surf_rookie.
  • surf_beginner.

What is surfing CSGO?

csgo. Surfing is a unique feature of the Source engine that lets players quickly gain speed when hugging steep angles. What started as a glitch has become the most popular custom game modes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other Source titles.

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How do I change my air speed in CSGO?

Increase Server Movement Speed

  1. Open a console and type “sv_maxspeed”
  2. The default value is 320, you can change it to 500.

What does SV accelerate do?

This command sets how fast you accelerate when your player walks. Default is 5.5. Higher values make you accelerate faster, lower values make you accelerate slower.

How do you kick bots?

Open the console again and type mp_autoteambalance 0 to stop the bots from auto-balancing from one team to another. Open the console for the final time and type bot_kick to remove all bots from your game. You can also kick bots from the CT-side by typing bot_kick ct or the T-side by typing bot_kick t.

Is CSGO surf a Mod?

Surfing is one of those parts of CSGO left over from the game’s modded roots. Just like CSGO was originally created as a mod for Half-Life before becoming its own game, surfing is set to do the same. It’s called Momentum Mod and it’s a standalone movement mod, but it actually branches off of the Source Engine.

How do you play surfing?


  1. Right of Way. The surfer closest to the highest point of the wave (the peak) has the right of way on the wave.
  2. Don’t Drop In.
  3. Don’t Snake.
  4. Do Not Throw Your Board.
  5. Communicate What Will You Do.
  6. Give Respect to Gain Respect.

What’s the lowest rank in CSGO?

Here are all the CS:GO ranks, from the lowest to highest competitive skill groups:

  • Silver I.
  • Silver II.
  • Silver III.
  • Silver IV.
  • Silver Elite.
  • Silver Elite Master.
  • Gold Nova I.
  • Gold Nova II.
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