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How Shoulder Surfing Be Threat? (TOP 5 Tips)

Shoulder surfing is a criminal practice where thieves steal your personal data by spying over your shoulder as you use a laptop, ATM, public kiosk or other electronic device in public. Despite the funny name, it’s a security risk that can cause a financial wipeout.

What is shoulder surfing and how can you prevent it?

  • Shoulder surfing is a unique threat, but it can be easily prevented with proper security measures. The majority of Americans don’t know they’ve been affected by a data breach, and many still make crucial financial security mistakes, so adequate awareness is key.

What are the effects of shoulder surfing on an individual?

What are the possible consequences of shoulder surfing? As soon as a thief gets hold of their victim’s personal information, there is a risk of fraud. The thief may make purchases, withdraw money, or perform other transactions pretending to be the victim.

What is a shoulder surfing attack?

A shoulder surfing attack describes a situation where the attacker can physically view the device screen and keypad to obtain personal information.

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Is shoulder surfing a cyber attack?

In computer security, shoulder surfing is a type of social engineering technique used to obtain information such as personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords and other confidential data by looking over the victim’s shoulder.

What defense is against shoulder surfing?

Nowadays, to defend against shoulder surfing attacks, one must be cognizant of their environment at all times. Threat actors don’t just shoulder surf by standing behind you at an ATM, but also use video cameras, binoculars, and other image magnification methods.

How common is shoulder surfing?

Shoulder surfing happens to a substantial amount of people even if it’s not for malicious purposes. A recent study found that 73% of survey respondents indicated they had seen someone else’s confidential PIN without them knowing. Shoulder surfing can happen anywhere, especially at ATMs and kiosks.

What measures can individuals take to protect against shoulder surfing?

Sit with your back to the wall if you’re in a public place and entering personal or financial information into your computer or cellphone. Use VPN if you do financial transactions on Wi-Fi. Shield the keypad on the ATM when you enter your PIN. Make sure your ATM transaction is complete and take your receipt.

What is spoofing attack?

What Is a Spoofing Attack? Spoofing is when an attacker impersonates an authorized device or user to steal data, spread malware, or bypass access control systems.

What is the best defense against social engineering?

Conducting, and continuously refreshing, security awareness among employees is the first line of defense against social engineering. The basic measure is installing antivirus and other endpoint security measures on user devices.

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How do MITM attacks work?

A man-in-the-middle attack is a type of eavesdropping attack, where attackers interrupt an existing conversation or data transfer. After inserting themselves in the “middle” of the transfer, the attackers pretend to be both legitimate participants.

What technology prevents hackers?

Firewalls. A firewall is a software program or piece of hardware that blocks hackers from entering and using your computer. Hackers search the internet the way some telemarketers automatically dial random phone numbers.

What is a name generator attack?

A name generator attack is an attack in which the victim is asked in an app or social media post to combine a few pieces of information or complete a short quiz to produce a name. Attackers do this to find out key pieces of information that can help them to answer the security questions that protect people’s accounts.

What type of laptop display reduces the likelihood of shoulder surfing?

One of the best first lines of defense against this type of data breach is a privacy screen, which helps prevent side views. Similar to the way vertical blinds work, 3M Privacy Filters use “black out” technology that darkens side views, so that the screen appears black when viewed at an angle.

How is social engineering prevented?

Security Awareness is the key to prevent such incidents. Developing policies, training employees, and implementing measures, such as warnings or other other disciplinary actions for repeat or serious incidents, will mitigate the risk of social engineering attacks.

What is the difference between tailgating and shoulder surfing?

Shoulder surfing – Just like it sounds. A person hovers over your should to obtain your personal information, such as a password, or a PIN at an ATM. Tailgating – An attacker will seek entry to a restricted area by closely following behind someone with legitimate access.

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