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How Much Is The Surfing Retail Industry Worth?

b. The global surfing equipment market size was estimated at USD 3.88 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 3.97 billion in 2021.

Report Attribute Details
Market size value in 2021 USD 3.97 billion
Revenue forecast in 2028 USD 5.47 billion
Growth rate CAGR of 4.4% from 2021 to 2028


How big is the global surfing industry?

  • The global market for the surfing industry is projected to reach total sales of $9.5 billion by 2022. Australia is forecast to lead this increase with a projected CAGR of 5.5%. (Global Industry Analysis)

How much is the surf industry worth?

Surfing market in the U.S. is estimated at US$1.2 Billion in the year 2021.

Is a surf shop profitable?

A skate shop owner operating a store that sold $475,000 worth of goods might only net about $30,000 in profit. Conversely, a store with an Internet presence instead of a physical retail store space might earn $100,000 per year or more in profit with comparable sales.

Is surfing a billion dollar industry?

The surf industry is one of the fastest-growing action sports industries in the world and is worth around $10 billion. The reason why surfing became a multimillion-dollar sports industry is that brands appeal to consumers’ emotions and dreams in a very effective way.

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How much surf wax is sold per year?

Today, about half of all surfers use wax only, while the rest use pads on the tail of the board and wax on the rest. An estimated 10 million bars of wax are made each year, with Wax Research, Sex Wax and the Australian-based Mrs. Palmers accounting for 90% of the market.

How large is the surfing industry?

The global surfing equipment market size was estimated at USD 3.88 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 3.97 billion in 2021.

Do pro surfers have agents?

In many ways, the fact that surfers have agents is not surprising— they are professional athletes, after all—but the agents provide a window into a bigger story about how the surf industry grew so rapidly as to outpace itself: Many companies are still loathe to work with surfers who have agents.

How much would it cost to start a surf shop?

1. Have enough capital to get you started and give you some breathing room, for when swells, weather or surfing trends die down. You’d need something like $125,000 bucks for a 1200-1500 sq foot building.

What is sold in a surf shop?

The surf industry’s biggest profit share comes from shirts, board shorts, shoes, swimsuits, pants, and jackets. New wetsuits and surfboards are critical to attracting customers, but margins are smaller, and the number of units sold is also much smaller. Surfers tend to buy more from online surf shops.

What percentage of surfers are male?

We find that surfers are male (90%), 34 years old, educated ( 62 % have a Bachelor’s degree or above), and employed full-‐time earning $75,000 per year.

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Is surfing growing as a sport?

Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports Growing exponentially at 12% per year, the current surfing population is estimated at approximately 23 million participants.

Why are surfboards so expensive?

Surfboards can be a pretty expensive investment. Boards range in price from $350 (£250) to $5000 (£3500). And many factors go into pricing, including the manufacturer, size of the board (7-foot or 10-foot) and materials used for construction.

What wax do pro surfers use?

Pro surfers all have their own favorite brand of wax. But without a doubt, one of the most popular surf waxes among surfing professionals has got to be Mr Zog’s Sex Wax.

Can you eat surf wax?

As lovely as it smells and as innocent as it seems, the reality is that most surf wax is made from paraffin, which is a by-product of petroleum. So, while surf wax might smell good enough to eat, the reality is that most surf waxes are the last thing we want near our bodies — or our oceans.

Why do surfers scratch their boards?

If you’re new to surfing, and you’re wondering why you keep seeing people rubbing what looks like soap all over their boards on the beach before they hit the water, what they’re doing is coating them in wax to provide grip for their feet.

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