Interesting Times Ahead POSSIBLE Major Swell Event

Hey Morning Everyone, we are back fresh from Spring Break Puerto Rico 2019 Tour. Had the chance to meet alot of people who follow our posts and a few that have attained legendary status. Tanks for Da Kine Wurds and SUP-port. The one legend we got to talk story with was O’l Man Luker.
I say O’l Man out of respect because if you were raised right you were taught to listen to your elders. One of the things we talked story about while standing on Hollowed Ground at Wildo, was this years North Atlantic Winter Swell Season and or the lack there of.

Tom Luker ” I’ve seen it like this before and then March and April will light up”. My response, “Big one setting up in about 10 Days”. That convo took place Monday March 25th. Somebody get Da Wurd to Luker, looks like its setting up now inside the 7 Day Window. Models trying to work their differences out. Was great to meet you Tom. Look forward to seeing you again.

POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Coming. April Fools Swell 2019 setting up and this is no April Fools Joke. If case you missed the post on our social media feeds, homie don’t play dat. As a reminder, please keep in mind what we have been saying in our posts about model runs outside a 7 Day Window and their reliability. Don’t get me wrong. There are times when models can be spot on in the 10 Day Window, but it’s inside the 7 Day Window where model confidence begins to increase. As you get into Day 5 it increases more and at 4 you are moving into the window of a Real-Time Event unfolding. It is at the 7 Day Window where you have to decipher do the models agree or do they agree to disagree. Then, you have to look at the Big Picture and not be single minded. For example, we are calling for a Possible Major Swell Event. The focus at first will be for the MID-ATLC and NE States. Guys in SOFLO be like bullshit what a bunch of Hype. It is important to remember your break is not the only break in the Atlantic. Wait your turn or buy a ticket. Fill up the car up, but what ever you do don’t bitch because you can’t connect the dots and it’s poo poo in your backyard.

Vent Off…… so here we go…..Big Picture. One of our recent post on our social feeds, “The North Atlantic is turning into a Majority Northerly Swell Component” and “It’s been along time since it’s done this”.

Latest 96HR Swell Forecast out of NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center. For those who don’t get 96HRS thats inside of 4 Days. Easter is Coming and we are seeing the first Ancient Rainbow Warrior signs for the Trinity. The Father Son and Da Holy Ghost. The three arrows that you see with a line through them are 3 different swells from 3 different swell sources. This is turning the Atlantic into Majority Northerly Swell component. In other words the water is at least moving in the right direction. Take note of the 12-13 second NE swell dropping out of the AZORES. The Low that moved off the MID-ATLC a few days ago about to re-invigorate and produce fresh long period NE Swell. The Swell you see East of Florida and NE of PR are a result of all the NE winds we are experiencing in Real-Time last 24hrs or so off the U.S. Coast.

Switch you over to last nights 00Z run of the EURO +168 just inside 7 days. The swell mentioned above dropping in from AZORES was produced by the Low you see on the right in the model image below. Mind you the swell forecast above is for Day 4 and the model image below is going into Day 7 still pumping out NE Swell equals duration. Now look over at the OBX. High Low in Play. Reading the model across the board. Long Period NE Swell East Atlantic. Then Easterly Fetch on top of Bermuda sucking in NE Swell from AZORES and then Low Pressure wrapping up off the OBX. This is 1 RUN of more to come but thats alot of water displacement moving from right to left across the board.

Switch you over to GFS same time frame +168 just inside 7 Days. Reminds me of Sesame Street even though one of these things is not like the other they are pretty darn close. This is called model agreement now inside 7 days. Will it change and by how much over the next several runs remains the question.

Switch you back to EURO +192 thats inside 8 Days.

And back to the GFS as POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Coming.
Again 1 RUN of more to come but the image is just inside 7 Days.

BIG WEDNESDAY for Puerto Rico and O’l Man Luker and the Carib. IF, this run were to verify thats NNW winds cranking out at 35-40KTS wrapping in HUGE NE Swell for magnification. Seas would likely be in excess of 30 Feet in NE Groundswell developing.

Thats it for now…. Stay tuned will add a Youtube video forecast update to this post. Need to wait for the sun to come up for the visual satellite imagery to lay eyes on it.

For now, Spread Da Wurd…..Wurd of DaBuh.
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So proud of this girl. First surf trip out of the country Spring Break Puerto Rico 2019. Thanks to Rachel Tanner for the fotos.
Stay tuned for the updates. Interesting Times Ahead

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