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It’s been a while since we posted here on DaBuh.com but here comes the season of change. Today Marks T-Minus 90 Days and counting for the Official Start of the 2019 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. And today we are already seeing the indicators out in the Atlantic that the season has started it’s long progression into tropical cyclone season in earnest. The first signs came on Feb 6th with the first plume of the Pixie Dust known as SAL moving off the West Afrikan Coast. Google SAL if you aren’t sure what we are talking about. Here’s what it looked like in the HI-RES from February 9th.

Every year around February we start looking for signs that spring is coming. One of the indicators is temperature down in the Western Caribbean. As the season changes from Winter to Spring here’s where it heats up first.
If you have been following our post for at least 30 Days on our social feeds you probably seen our post on temperatures down here in the Western Caribbean, over to Cuba and up through Florida. The month of February has been exceptionally warm and is about 30 days ahead of scheduled averages. The Tip of the Yucatan Mexico has been consistently posting daily highs 95F+ degrees. Same for Western Cuba with Mid 80’s+ into Florida. The East Gulf Buoy approximately 210 NM West of Naples Florida currently has a water temp of 80F Degrees so all the signs are pointing to season change well underway at least South of the Lat 30 Line. The Big Lady doesn’t look like shes warming the pipes yet and March could be a long month for our brethren to the North.

With that said lets catch you up to speed now in Real-Time. Here is the current Water Vapor Imagery. Although the image is still the atmosphere is fluid. If you were to put this image into motion, with movement left to right, what you see on your left…..

Turns into to this on the right. 12Z GFS for tomorrow, Monday

On Wednesday the GFS is showing a weak low trying to develop east of the OBX before racing away. This could, should, open the window for some small surf coming for East Florida. Not for everybody and not much in the form of size but something to break the flatness.

The only other thing of note at the moment is the 00Z EURO for next Saturday. This setup if were to verify could allow for some spring time ESE wind swell as Easterly Trade Wind Season gets underway. Think of the High Pressure as two tires spinning clockwise. The bottom of the tire spinning East Atlantic water this way.

Thats it for now. Just wanted to do a test post and check out this new version of WordPress. Please do us a favor. So we can see if this post is getting out there. Please leave us a comment on Twitter Insta or Facebook that you saw this post. Thanks. Will be be posting more updates in the near future.

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