Possible Surf Alert Coming Tropical/Sub Tropical Storm KIRK ?

Morning everyone and Welcome NEW Followers. We apologize for the non textual updates on FLORENCE. We did cut 3 YouTube Videos however on our YouTube channel. Prayers to all who are suffering and to those who’ve now lost everything. For those new to DaBuh.com we are primarily a surf and marine forecast covering the Atlantic Waters. Many of you that are following now do neither. You will likely be the ones who stop following after Hurricane Season is over. If you followed us FLORENCE and think we did a good job on Pinning where we thought she would go. Give us a review on Facebook let us know how we did. Tell all You Frens…Mo Frens Mo Betta….. Wurd of DaBuh

So you know how it works with us we post all of our Real-Time posts on our Twitter feed @DaDabuh then decide what to share over on Insta and FB as to not blow up those feeds with too much information. Then when confidence builds in what we are seeing in the upcoming forecast, we’ll come here to put it all on paper for you and or cut a video. We have started the backside peak of the 2018 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. October is a month of monsters as Fall kicks in. It’s called Fall for a reason and the leaves are not the only thing that begins to fall Low Pressure being another. Using $$$ is a forecasters way of saying the forecast is money. We receive no funding here for what we do and have no sponsors. We don’t do what we do for “Clickbait” and we don’t do what we do to make money. We do what we do for the love of it.

Alright so here comes a shot at KIRK. If KIRK where to develop, at the moment, it doesn’t appear that he would affect the United States but this could change. There is so much run to run variability in the models it is hard to say exactly what this will do long term. First we got to get development.

So let me tell you what you are looking at here. This is a moment in time. Although the image is still the atmosphere is fluid. So in your mind looking at the arrows you have to put this into motion. Movement is primarily West to East. We have the Ghost of FLORENCE East of the OBX. We have the tail end of the front coming through Florida. Trough and Northern Extension of Tropical Wave moving through PR. Notice the alignment over Mona Passage. What do we always say here? There is a shot at Homegrown development coming off the East Florida Coast the models may not be fully latched on to yet. The Ghost of ISAAC is still out there. So you will want to stay tuned in on that next several days. The Upper Level Low we were tracking is now about to combine with the Ghost of Florence and way over to your right is the Ghost of JOYCE. It is unclear at the moment what if any roll Ex-JOYCE will play in the possible development of KIRK. Lots of Ghostly images this morning with what appears to be some incestuous behavior coming in the upcoming forecast period.

Here’s the latest 72HR Surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center. Weak 1013MB Low attached where ? “Always Watch Tail Ends of Fronts Along Stalled or Dying fronts for an Area of Low Pressure to Develop. Sometimes Low Pressure likes to Pin itself to the Tail.” Now look back at the image above. National Hurricane Center is currently NOT highlighting this area and models show only weak low pressure. Keeping in mind nothing in weather is absolute until it happens in Real-Time. This looks to work its way towards the Florida Coast.

Heres last nights run of the GFS for +240. Thats 10 days and it’s along ways out verses time. Distance not so much 🙂 This is one run of many more to come. Again if, KIRK where to develop he would likely remain a Fishstorm. Go back to the IR image above and in your mind combine the Ghost of Florence the Upper Level Low throw Ghost of JOYCE in the mix and….. Wa-Lah. Light winds for PR and NE Groundswell fingers crossed.

National Hurricane Center now at 40%

This is last nights run of EURO Day 6 image +144HRS.

So as you can see lots to watch in the upcoming forecast so stay tuned to our social feeds for updates. Latest 96HR Swell forecast showing the Atlantic moving in the right direction. All we need to do is add the BIG NE Swell maker and it could be. Give me a ticket for an AERO Plane….. aint got time to take a fast train…Lonlely days are gone…. I’mma comin home……my baby she wrote me a lettah.

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