Atlantic Heating Up

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve noticed an uptick in the number of NEW followers, Welcome to We typically see this kind of trend each year around the peak of Hurricane Season which climatologically is September 10th. Then after the season has ended we see a drop of followers.Those followers are typically ones that do not surf or own a boat or make their living on one and are only looking for storm info. I bring that up because we are primarily a surf and marine forecast website/service covering the Atlantic Waters. We are looking for wind and waves first, and or, weather systems that create high seas or long period swell. I bring that up because those that don’t have a marine interest, will often think we are HYPING a system. We don’t HYPE. But we do cover Fish Storms 🙂 For those wondering what a Fish Storm is it is a storm that stays out to sea have no direct impact on land only the fish. So if you see us doing lots of updates on a Fish Storm it’s not because we are hyping it’s because we are focusing in on swell and seas.

With that said the Atlantic is heating up. The models have been hinting at this the last several days but are now starting to turn up the heat. We have verification in the imagery and the players are on the board. First Look todays HI-RES over AFRIKA. Tropical Wave entering East Atlantic with likely 2 more on the way. Flow is from right to left. This is once again a STRONG Tropical Signal.

This leads us into the Atlantic. For those who have seen are recent post on our Social Feeds, “Pattern Developing Known to Produce Tropical Cyclones” this is what it looks like in the imagery. As advertised a few days ago. The ULL (Upper Level Low) over Cuba and the Bahamas along with the UL Trough from the decaying front opens up the door for POSSIBLE Homegrown development coming. The first piece of the puzzle is East of the Islands in the main development region.

We will be watching for the Northern Extension of this tropical wave to break of main wave axis and slip possibly through Mona Passage and into the Bahamas. EURO has been consistant on taking this energy through the FL-STR8’s and into the Gulf of Mexico (GOMEX) This is the last nights run of the EURO going into Day 8. Weak Low Center of GOMEX, Another NE of Central Bahamas with Possible FLORENCE and GORDON in tow.

00Z EURO +240=10 Days. Mind you this is one run of many more to come but the signs are everywhere.

As a descendant of an Ancient Rainbow Warrior we believe in signs. This is this mornings SAL Imagery. SAL=Saharan Air Layer. Yes what we have outlined is actually weather features that may play into the role of possible tropical development coming. When outlined it takes on the shape of a cat face. Here Kitty Kitty.

Sign of things to come ? Here is a look at the current wind field pattern of the North Atlantic. There are Two Low Pressure Centers both Gales in the North Atlantic. Looking at the latest run of the EURO looks like two more coming tropical in nature.

Latest Youtube Video. Best Watched in Full Screen.
Stay tuned to our social feeds for updates. It looks like we will be stepping up the tempo as it appears there are interesting time ahead. Stay Tuned.

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