Update to Yesterdays Post Canary Low Welcome to August

Whats up everybody. Wanted to take a second as a Native Floridian to let you know, if you don’t know already, that an ecological disaster is occurring in the Southern End of my home state. It’s happening Right Here, Right Now and there’s not a Fat Boy Slim Chance in hell that its going to get any better anytime soon because its not. The waters are about to go still, as in no movement as we are likely headed back to Lake Atlantic conditions with no tropical development in sight. For those of you that have seen the pictures this kill seems to be different. This kill is killing off LARGE bodied animals and I don’t think I have ever seen so many pictures of large bodied fish throwing out that old saying, only the strong survive. It’s one thing to kill off the shallows and the little fish but this one seems like it’s running deep and I’m waking up to find my loves not real.
Not sure who the photo creds go to but this is sickening.

Kind of hard to follow up after that. Don’t mean to be a DEBBY Downer to start the post but┬áspeaking of DEBBY (next name on the list) models continue to show no tropical development through the 1st two weeks of August. If you did not read yesterdays post go read it before continuing….

Heres this Canary Low we are watching for. This mornings Rainbow IR. This is a frontal boundary that is stalling. Rule of thumb “Always Watch Tail Ends of Fronts Along Stalled or Dying Fronts for Area of Low Pressure to Develop”.

Latest 96HR Swell Forecast. There’s the SE S-Hemi Swell into NW Atlantic waters. NE Swell from North Atlantic discussed in yesterdays post with weak Low Developing out near the Canary’s. Again its a shame that that Southern Hemi swell has come in and cutoff the NE that was coming out of the North Atlantic. What ever is coming better get it. Looks like Lake Atlantic about to make it’s return until something rolls off of Afrika. Not saying there won’t be ride-able surf.

One of the other things we talked about in yesterdays post was the RIP Factor. Long time follower Tim Kelly NBC 10 Boston points it out in a tweet this morning. Although its’ a small swell, what lies at the surface does not always reflect what lies beneath.

Stay Tuned to our Social Feeds for Real-Time updates as we watch for this Low coming out of the Canary’s. As a Reminder if it doesn’t pan out don’t shoot the messenger. Consider yesterdays and todays post a dry run for whats to come. Looking forward to stepping up our game in the next two weeks. DEBBY is coming…when is the question.

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