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We are primarily a surf and marine forecast covering the North Atlantic however we like to say you don’t have to be a surfer or a mariner to follow our forecast as we also forecast tropical weather systems during Tropical Cyclone Season. Welcome to August and welcome to DaBuh.com. We are T-MINUS 41 Days and Counting to reach the peak of this years Tropical Cyclone Season. Heres where the game starts to step up.

As of right now there is absolutely nothing on the board that could threaten life limb or property anytime in the near future. GFS shows no tropical development for the 1st two weeks of August and EURO has since backed off of its tropical signals it was giving us a few days ago. Some of you on twitter may recall us using “Moderate to Strong” Tropical Signal a few days ago in our feed when looking at Afrika. Yesterdays HI-RES below. Although the image is still the atmosphere is fluid. Set the image in your mind then into motion, movement from right to left. But, just because it’s a moderate to strong tropical signal that doesn’t always equate to tropical development as environmental factors come into play (SAL Cooler MDR H20 Temps) as these Tropical Waves roll into the Atlantic. By count, for the 2018 season, we are now in the 30’s for number of Tropical Waves that have emerged off the West Afrikan Coast season to date. So if your concern is of tropical threats you can stop reading now. Bar any Homegrown Development it appears the first 2 weeks of August will go without seeing DEBBY. Of course terms and conditions are subject to change.
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Surfers…ok so we posted in our feeds a few days ago Possible Surf Alert setting up for East Florida Boys this weekend. Mind you we said not alot of confidence ATM (at the moment). Here it comes trying to setup in the swell forecast. If it doesn’t pan out don’t shoot the messenger. It’s something we are watching for but there’s some anomalous conditions in the North Atlantic right now. Case in point NOAA OPC 24HR Swell Forecast. 15-18 second SE Swell cutting through the water. Is it Southern Hemi Swell ? I don’t know. Certainly wasn’t from a strong area of Low Pressure. What I do know is it’s cutting across, meaning it’s cutting off any other swell source. These periods look to make it to New England. Beach goers beware of the RIP. Its called RIP for a reason. On a personal note, yesterday was the 1yr anniversary of my one and only sisters passing. Love you sis rest in peace.

And what we mean by “Cutting”, we finally get some NE Swell coming out of the NATLC that would of factored into the Possible Surf Alert setting up this weekend now being cutoff at 48HRS.

Jump you to 96HRS. Notice the swell directional change. So there is some hope here but appears to be fading.

It’s at this point where models had been suggesting an area of Weak Low Pressure near the Canary’s would retro back up under Bermuda but have since somewhat backed off the idea. The uncertainty is that it doesn’t mean they cant turn it back on over the next several runs. It’s why we watch in Real-Time. Nothing in weather absolute until it happens in it. Again yesterdays Hi-RES below.

EURO Day 5 Saturday into Sunday.

Thats it for now. Cross U Finga cause thats all we got. Luke-King Bleak….
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