SHE’S GONE….. GONE…… GONE……. Bad Company

Morning Everyone,
Long time followers know that we like to associate lyrics with what we see in the forecast.
Todays Update Brought to you by Bad Company.

What an amazing run of swell. Hope you scored cause….. She’s Gone Gone Gone……
I Don’t know if I’m Happy……. I Don’t Know if I’m Sad
She’s Gone Gone Gone……
I Don’t Know if I’ll Cry………. I Don’t Know if I’ll Die——> Laughin.

You better get the boys round and do some drinking fast. If you read our last forecast update 5 days ago here comes the period of small for all discussed in that post. Don’t forsake me cause I love you. Give me Silver Blue and Gold, My Rain…… Rainbow is overdue.

Recently we have discussed what makes a good forecaster. A good forecaster always goes back to look at what he/she previously forecast for forecast verification. Some of you are going to say I am putting these two on blast. I’m not, I’m just trying to show you what I have to deal with sometimes.
I appreciate all comments and take any questions. But if you don’t read what we post, or have bad reading comprehension, well ….. I can’t help you with that.

This was our lead image on our social feeds 5 Days ago. The funny part is, in our last You Got Tubed video forecast update we said, “This is the Time of Year We Get Accused of Hype”.
Again not picking on these two but please read. It does for your mind good.

Before we move on here’s a grab from that update. You can read the rest HERE
” So for now until we see something change in the pattern, the call for “Small for All” continues except for standout locations re Mid-Atlc Storm and POSSIBLY but not likely Refracto coming “.

Forecaster Note: Refracto Fired for Palm Bch County verified by

And Mid-Atlc Top Spots scored from Storm.

So whats next ?
Here comes this next incoming system. Wurd On Da Skreet Image for Sunday.
NEW Low Pressure System Moving into the Mid-Atlc Region. Players are on the board.

00Z GFS is trending on split energies. Taking the Southern piece and out flanking the Northern one.
Image below is for Wednesday March 21st

The GFS then takes the Secondary Low and moves it Offshore Friday March 23rd.

Then going into Saturday tightening up. This is the next chance of swell. Again it won’t be for everybody. At least not at the moment looking at the latest forecast models.

Gonna stop here. This keeps the above in a 10 Day Window. There is lots of uncertainty past Sunday. The EURO is currently NOT ON BOARD with a swell producer. That could change though.
This one goes out to “Headline Readers”. Who all they saw when we posted this yesterday is,
DaBuh says it’s a “Major Swell Event Coming” 🙂 Then it doesn’t verify then I get accused of Hype 🙂
Its a vicious circle that sometimes can include Jerks, then it becomes a Circle Jerk LOL.
This was the EURO when it liked the idea. Today not so much.

Latest 96HR Swell Forecast. For those who’ve seen our reference to Newtons 3rd Law.
Now we wait for the return.

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Stay Tuned !!!!

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