Incoming Low to Mid-Atlc Next 48HRS

Kinda hard to follow up on a monstrous call like we just went through and boy was that a monster. Hopefully everyone got a chance to score. I didn’t, pulled a calf muscle pouring concrete. Hopefully a few of you who followed our forecast also saw our request when dropping in you say, this one is for the DaBuh. As it stands right now this is the Official $$$$$ Shot for Florida. This foto was taken by none other than, Bargain Bob Baggett. Baggett and I are long time followers of each other.
I believe the surfer is Marc Lef-Co. Thats one hell of a left and with Baggett, he’s in good company.
Nice Work Gentleman !!!
Que Da Bizkit I think I just went Limp.

The next area of Low Pressure is about to be inbound to the Mid-Atlc next 48HRS or so. Recent models runs have been flirting with a more Southerly track opening up the door for a quick pulse of Swell but this is likely to be a Mid-Atlc Short Event. There is also a shot and some Reef Rack-tion Swell. Not alot of confidence at the moment. One thing for sure. Although the system at maturation will produce seas in excess 30 Feet (Image in Meters) which would normally qualify for a Major Swell Event (Seas in excess of 25 Feet) this one wont. Why ? Who is it producing swell for. NW to West to SW Swell Component. This Low will be a localized wind event. Not saying there won’t be surf. Just not a big swell producer for most locations.

So for now until we see something change in the pattern, the call for “Small for All” continues except for standout locations re Mid-Atlc Storm and POSSIBLY but not likely Refracto coming. Water is warming up a bit in the Carib. Won’t be long now. Based on the last 8 years of Climo we like to use May 1st as a benchmark for the beginning of Tropical Cyclone Season. The Official Start for EPAC is May 15th, June 1st Atlantic Side. May 1st is 53 days away.
AH-NA May 8th 2015

Will likely do a recap on Riley during the upcoming down time in forecast updates so stay tuned.
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