Real-Time Phase 2ND Storm Developing

Morning everyone, for those who saw our last You-Got-Tubed Video forecast update. Here are some bullet points from the video 3 days ago.
“Even though its’ not Classified as a Hurricane the Effects are the Same”
” I Cant Tell You What Your Local Winds are Gonna Do, Go Research That for Yourself”
“I’m Just Telling You When there’s Swell in the Water and a BIG ONE IS COMING !!!!
The GOOD with the Bad……..
“What Ever is Coming Get It, We Will Likely Go Into a Period of Flatness Comin”
NEWTONS 3rd LAW video HERE for forecast verification.

UPDATE: New 2nd Storm Developing. As mentioned in our feeds yesterday this is going to put a secondary swell in the water and its already showing in the latest Swell Model Forecast.
First Visible of the Day.

For those who saw our post on our social feeds yesterday “Double Mint and Certs Commercial”
2…..2 Mints in 1, this is what we meant. 2 Storms in One.
We never like to compare Storms because each is different but there’s an old saying,
“Sometimes Like in History Weather Repeats Itself”. PERFECT STORM II ?
Take Note of the 50KT NE Winds.
Latest OPC 24HR Surface Forecast.

Latest OPC 24HR Wind Wave Image in Feet.

This NEW Secondary Storm DVLPNG will create a NEW Secondary Swell.
Latest 48HR Swell Forecast.

As advertised in our You-Got-Tubed Video Forecast Update this MAJOR Swell Event will likely end up Top 10 Possible Top 5 Swell Events All-Time for the Atlantic. For some it has hit the #1 Spot.
Long Time Friend and Follower of DaBuh, Former Big Wave Rider Larry Kemp Hailing out of St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands since the Mid 80’s.
Stay Tuned will try and get a forecast video update later today. Didn’t get the chance yesterday had to work my day job and have to get back on it today. Unfortunately I pulled a calf ¬†muscle and limping bad.
So looks like I will likely miss the Biggest Swell of my Lifetime. Catch one for DaBuh.
As you make your drop in your mind say, Dis One Por You Buh !!!!

For those who have seen us say there is a Method to Our Madness. From our Facebook Post this Morning.
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