UPDATE : March 4th Storm Force Low East of Mid-Atlantic

Heres the latest on the Hurricane Force Low of yesterday and what is now a Storm Force Low East of the Mid-Atlantic. NEW COR (Center of Rotation) Developing next 48hrs. MASSIVE Swell is in the water. Seas are currently in excess of 40 Feet in Northerly Swell and the Buoys are rocking. Florida Surfers the East Canaveral Buoy has just come back on line. New buoy has recently been deployed. Will be ironic if this Swell Event knocks it back out of service. This NEW COR Developing will add another LARGE Pulse to the already generated swell over the next 48hrs or so. In addition the location (Location Location Location) of the NEW COR developing puts North Facing Island Beaches closer to swell source. In other words swell is propagating into local waters today and just when it seems it may ease a bit another possible stronger pulse will rapidly head your way for backup.

This is the latest run of the GFS showing a 975MB Storm Force Low in 48HRS.

For those that didn’t see our short video update on our social feeds we showed you the EURO is also on it “Throwing Buckets” by increasing the fetch in between Newfoundland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Winds are about to go light then OFFSHORE for many as a NEW Area of Low Pressure heads for the OBX. GFS for Wednesday. As we advertised in our early post we are now in the Real-Time Phase of the Swell moving out of the NE ATLC passing Newfoundland under Nova Scotia wrapping into the backside of this system.

As detailed above in reference to being “Closer to Swell Source”
Latest out of the OPC 48HR Surface Forecast. Take note of 981 and NEW in the image NE of PR.
See how they noted STORM next to it. In affect this is a NEW Storm Developing.
Also take note it says STORM East of Newfoundland. The phrase that comes to mind for those old enough to remember the Certs and Double Mint commercials because thats 2….2 Mints in One and some how the Double Mint Gurls are coming to mind 🙂

Latest Wind Wave forecast out of the OPC next 48. This image is in meters. Again Two…Two Mints in One. Two areas producing Swell in Excess of 30 Feet. 1 in NE Swell and 1 in WNW Swell with both combined for a MASSIVE Northerly Swell Component.

As long time follower, hailing out of the U.S. Virgin Islands Larry Kemp says,
“Maybe the Biggest I’ve Seen ” , Filler Up Lar 🙂
Stay tuned, will do my best to add a YouTube video forecast update to this post but I have to work today. Hopefully will be in the field on Wednesday doing forecast verification 🙂
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