Real-Time Phase Hurricane Force Low Developing

YouTube Video Update Posted around 12:30 PM EST

Morning Everyone, here’s a quick update.
Start you off with the term “Forecast Verification”. A Good forecaster always goes back to look at what he/she previously forecast. If it turns out right it gives you the confidence that you know what you are talking about. If it turns out wrong (Keeping in mind nothing in weather is absolute until it happens in Real-Time ) you learn from your mistakes and move on.
Some people think “Forecast Verification” is bragging because we used phrases like “As Advertised” or “So and So Now Showing” _____ Confirming Our Initial Call. It’s not. We also do forecast verification especially when it turns out right with the hopes you yourself can learn to forecast.

With that said if one was to go back over our last 3 updates dating back to our February 8th post and the most recent Youtube Video Update it’s all about to verify so here we go.

Hurricane Force Low Developing.
Seas increasing excess 40 Feet next 24hrs.
Latest Official Wind Wave Forecast out of the OPC Image in meters.
Take Note of the 9 Meters top right. This was discussed in our video update.

Latest 48HR Wind Wave Showing Seas maintaining Major Swell Event Status.
Excess 35 Feet in Long Period NNE Swell Developing.

Latest run of the GFS next 72HRS. Whats worth noting here “AS ADVERTISED” in our You Got Tubed video forecast update is the NE Swell coming out of the NE Atlantic. This is the “Complete Reversal of Flow” (First time this Season) detailed in the update. This NE Swell will feed into the backside of the Low as it moves off towards the East and is the “Magnification” of NE Swell we discussed in the video.

Latest 48HR Swell Forecast

Switch gears for a moment. Most of you have probably seen this in our social feeds. Like we talked about in our last video update, “This is the time ( Major Swell Event) when we get people who say we Hype” Rory came to to our Facebook Page to start shit. This would be the equivalent of me coming to your house and banging on your front door to tell you you don’t know what you are talking about.
If you come to my house and try and tell me what I already know because you lived in Florida for 30 years and your a Boat Capt. blah blah blah, it is important for you to know what you are talking about before you talk about it. He then left a nasty review (1 Star) and then he wanted to question my faith in God (He doesn’t believe in it) and start a fight with me in a private message.

Please don’t come to our social feeds and insult our intelligence. Last year on Twitter same thing during Hurricane Season. Had someone from the internet who knew nothing about me tell me I was ignorant and uneducated. If you don’t have anything nice to say then you shouldn’t say it.

East Florida Surfers if you get good pics over the next couple of days hashtag your pics #Toofaraway.
Lets see what verifies.

Stay tuned video update coming will post it here in this post. Waiting for some more visual satellite imagery. While you’re waiting if you didn’t see our last video here it is.

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