Entering Real-Time Phase of Major Swell Event Coming

We are now entering the Real-Time Phase of a Major Swell Event Coming to the SW NATLC Waters. Models continue to show a Storm Force Low likely to Hurricane Force Developing just East of the Mid-Atlantic this weekend. Models have gone into Lock. 72 Hours ago we tweeted this image and captioned it, “There are Signs Everywhere Shape of Things to Come” Sometimes we will caption images like this with “Minority Report Pre-Crime Division No Doubt the Pre-Cogs Have Seen This”

I promise you there is a method to our madness. Here is the latest 96HR Surface Forecast out of NOAA’s Ocean Prediction Center. 994MB Low moving into the MID-ATLC. X Marks the Spot.

This just out at report time. 1130AM EST 2-26 and is the most recent run of the GFS. It was not used in the video forecast update below so it’s fresh. Image is for Saturday March 3rd now just inside of 5 Days. This is a Tad bit South from Previous. Either way MASSIVE Swell coming.

Here’s the latest YouTube Video Forecast Update best viewed in full screen.

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There is a Tune-Up coming prior to the Big Event. Yesterdays Hurricane Force Low Image 2-25 SE of St Johns Newfoundland. Max Seas have reached 40 Feet this morning in 15-18 second NNE Groundswell Developing.

Latest 96HR NOAA Swell Forecast. This is HOT off the press as of report time. The 15-18 Second Periods arriving to East Florida Coast is from the Hurricane Force Low above fanning out towards PR and the ESTRN Carib. But look at the 15-18 Seconds pushing past Newfoundland. This was detailed in the forecast video. This is before the Hurricane Force Low Develops off the MID-Atlantic. The Hurricane Force Low will be ON TOP OF NE Groundswell already created from Long NE Fetch coming out of the North Atlantic exacerbating the swell.

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EURO for Staurday Now just inside 6 Days.

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