POSSIBLE Major Swell Event Coming

Morning everyone, cut a video this morning but currently having some technical issues. Check this post later or stay tuned to our social feeds for the notice that it is posted or you can subscribe to or YouTube Channel DaBuh Surf.

Possible Major Swell Event coming for SW Atlantic Waters upcoming forecast period. In our Last update “End of Winter Swell Season 2017/18” we mentioned that, “Historically, last week of February first week of March can produce some classics. Some of the Biggest Snowstorms on Record have occurred in the month of March.”

The change from Winter to Spring in the atmosphere is a time when the atmosphere can become chaotic and it now appears we are in the beginning phase of a “Chain Event” with back to back Hurricane Force Lows developing in the North Atlantic Basin. If you didn’t get the chance, go back and read what was posted HERE  12 days ago, read the discussion and then come back and pick up below.

Start you off with the the Hurricane Force Low that developed yesterday SE of St Johns Newfoundland. Image is Monday 2-19.

In the overnight the Ocean Prediction Center Tweeted around 4AM that the Low produced Seas in excess of 60 FEET in the SW Quad of the System. This is approximately 10′ above what was originally forecast by the OPC.

Buoy Watch in Effect. As of report time the Paul West Bermuda Buoy showing NE Swell periods of 11-12 seconds but only around 5 Feet. The buoys we will be monitoring next 48 hours or so are the South Hatteras, Paul West Bermuda and the South Bermuda Buoys. Stay tuned to our Social Feeds for Real-Time Updates. It is UNCLEAR at the moment how much swell is headed for the Islands.

Latest 48HR Swell Forecast. You can see 12-13 seconds sliding past the OBX with longer periods the further you head East. Most of the Swell from this system is heading for West Afrika up through Portugal. The good part is the Majority of NATLC in Northerly Swell Component.

The Possible Major Swell Event for SW NATLC Waters will begin to set up in about 7 Days as the North Atlantic goes into a Reveres Flow. This is the latest run of the GFS for Day 9. Take note of the North Atlantic. Thats all ESE Flow. Look at the area SE of Nova Scotia and the Northerly Fetch.

Day 10 Turns into a 975 Large Scale Gale. Image for March 2nd.

If you have plans headed for the Islands, Bahamas through the NE Caribbean coming up your about to score. Thats it for now. Follow us on our Social Feeds for Real-Time Updates. Hopefully we can get the video uploaded to YouTube. If not will cut another one.
Stay Tuned

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