Atlantic Going Into Prolonged ESTRLY Swell Component

If you didn’t get the chance to watch our video update it’s posted below. Best watched IMO full screen. The only change of note is GALE Backside of Bermuda now analyzed as STORM. Seas have increased excess 25 Feet in ENE Swell Developing. Storm forecast to down grade to GALE next 48HRS or so while dropping back SW in the direction of the ESTRN Carib. This image from late Sunday afternoon just as the night creeps up from behind.
 The GOMEX Low is UP UP and Away out of the Gulf. This image from around 4PM on Sunday

Ok so switch gears on you for some forecast 101. Walk you through the 12Z run of the EURO for Sunday. Please note when looking at the images below you are looking at a snap shot of the atmosphere. A moment in time. Although the image is still the atmosphere is fluid.

The first model image is for today Monday the 29th.
STORM/GALE Backside of Bermuda. Current Max Seas 27 Feet ENE Swell aimed at ESTRN Carib. Seas will begin to slowly subside next 48HRS.
GOMEX Low that moved through Florida now headed for the Banks. STORM WARNINGS in effect for New England Waters.
Take note of the Canary Islands and the High Low setup there. Fetch of ESTRLY Winds 10-15KTS blowing into the backside of STORM/GALE. The Low is actually aiding the development of ESTRLY Trade Wind Swell coming off North Afrika from the High Low setup. Its sucking the ocean into it giving the ESTRLY Trade no impediment.

Tuesday-GALE ENE of Nantucket headed up over Nova Scotia then NF.
Northerly Winds down the East Coast into SOFLO. Seas will remain elevated into DBL Digits for New England Waters and through the Mid-ATLC going into this weekend coming. Seas forecast to increase 20-25 Feet Nantucket out to Georges Bank. Look at the East Atlantic now. Isobars packed a little tighter. More ESTRLY Swell.

Wednesday -Wider Fetch Northerly Winds Off the East Coast. Northerly Return Swell underway. Was South as the Low pulled up out of the Gulf. Remnant GALE ENE of PR and now a really nice fetch of High Pressure ESTRLY Trade Wind flow. Fairly packed Pressure Gradient.

Thursday-Finally the winds let up a bit. Are you noticing a pattern in the East Atlantic ? Thats 4 Days of ESTRLY Fetch with the gradient tightening a little bit each day.

Switch you to 96HR Swell Forecast for East Atlantic, Thursday.
10-12 Second ESTRLY Swell. I show you this because all though its along way from the U.S. water is being pushed towards the West from a continuous clockwise wind rotation.

This side, again image for Thursday. NE Swell coming off Nova Scotia compliments of GOMEX Low that pulled up and off the Mid-ATLC. The ENE Swell wrapping into PR is the last from the GALE/Storm Force Low detailed at the beginning of this post backed by ESTRLY Swell coming off Afrika.

Back to the EURO. Will skip over Friday but looks like short window of offshore winds for most of the U.S. East Coast. Check your local forecast as lighter wind Thursday possible offshores Friday may give a window for clean surf.
Saturday-Here comes NE winds again as High Pressure rolls out into the Atlantic. Same story in the East Atlantic.

Sunday-Still rolling with ESTRLY Flow keeping the Atlantic in a predominant ESTRLY Swell Component.

Jump to the GFS real quick. If you saw our post about a Repetitive Pattern possibly developing image is for next Sunday.

Going into Monday. Take note of the Low on the East Florida Coast.

EURO hinting at it too although a bit further East.

Heres the video in case you missed it.
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