T-Minus 72HRS for Monster Storm Developing

Happy New Year 2018 to all of our DaBuh.com followers. If you have been reading our updates we have been advertising in our updates of an “Explosive Period” and a “Chain Event” setting up for the North Atlantic Waters. Highlighted below is from our post on December 18th. Thats 2 Weeks ago for all those nay sayers who think you can’t forecast, or at least have some kind of idea of what may becoming down the pike.

December 18th 2017
“Forecaster Note: Active Phase Ahead with what appears to be 2 More Hurricane Force Lows Developing near and around the South Tip of Greenland Upcoming Forecast Period. Prolonged Period of Westerly Storm Force Winds and Wide Fetch Possible. Seas excess 40 Feet ? Stay Tuned. See Images bottom of the post.”

We are now in that Real-Time phase with the current Hurricane Force Low South of the Tip of Greenland. This Hurricane Force Low is forecast to produce seas in excess of 50 Feet West of Ireland next 24HRS or so. As this storm moves off towards the East, it is at the tail end of the trailing front we will be watching for a NEW area of Low Pressure to develop off the coast of Florida.

Here’s the larger view.

The overnight run of the EURO showing Low Pressure Developing East of Florida Wednesday into Thursday.

Then Rapidly Intensifying into a MONSTER Hurricane Force Low on Friday just East of Nantucket. It is important to remember that these images are still, and are only a moment in time. The Atmosphere is fluid meaning constant motion. The EURO is in 24HR increments so you can see that this Low travels quite the distance in 24HRS.

The current official forecast out of the Ocean Prediction Center shows this Low passing the OBX going into Thursday.

We are seeing the first signs of turn around swell in the latest swell model forecast. Seas are forecast to increase at this point in excess of 25 Feet and as the system explodes we are likely to see seas increase to excess 40.

There are some negatives to the Surf Forecast. So if you get skunked, don’t shoot the messenger. Remember just cause its not breaking at your house it doesn’t mean it won’t be going off at someone elses. The people who get skunked will be the same people who claim I’m hyping not realizing that it’s just there mind is too small.

I am waiting for some updated data to come in and the next set of model runs. I will likely add a Youtube Video forecast to this update giving you more detail on this “Chain Event” and how Atmospheric Flow works this time of year. We have finally made it to a more typical Winter Type Pattern. This Hurricane Force Low that is forecast to develop will likely be the END to this “Chain Event” and a likely pattern shift will soon be to follow. ┬áStay Tuned

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