Explosive Period Setting Up

Happy belated Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s and Bring on the New Year 2018. Wishing all our followers the absolute best for the New Year and thank you for following DaBuh.com

We are now entering what appears to be an explosive period for this side of the Northern Hemi and the beginning phase of this “Chain Event” we advertised in our social feeds several days ago. Start you off with the current Satellite imagery. This is the time of year where we can get tele-connection from the NW Pacific, into and through North Amerika, and into the North Atlantic. Although the image is still, the atmosphere is fluid. And if you were to put this image into motion, everything you see here is essentially moving from left to right North of the ITCZ. We have a Hurricane Force Low that moved up from Japan yesterday, and a developing Hurricane Force Low moving up and over Newfoundland to near the Southern Tip of Greenland next 48HRS. We call that “Mirroring”. Both will slide to the right over the next 96HRS while weakening.

This puts swell direction the same for both theaters over the next 96HRS.
Latest NOAA 96HR Swell forecast for the Pacific, WNW Swell Component.

And Latest NOAA 96HR Swell Forecast for the Atlantic, WNW Swell Component. Both theaters with WNW Swell component again mirroring each other. But for the SW Atlantic Waters, here comes the turn with look out below.

Here’s the “Chain Event” developing in Real-Time. This is the 1st Hurricane Force Low (Satellite image above) with what appears to be likely, 2 more coming. As this spins off towards the right it spins up another Weak Low tail end of the front along the chain (Front)

Latest NOAA 96HR Wind Wave Forecast. Image in Meters. Seas increasing 10-12 Feet East of Florida behind NE Flow.
Latest Marine Forecast South of Lat 31 and the likely start of a Possible BIG BLOW Coming.
Seas moving into Double Digits.

Its after 96HRS where things get interesting. There is a large spread between the GFS and EURO. This is last nights run of the EURO for +120HRS takes the Weak Low East of Florida mentioned above and combines it with a Clipper Like Low then moving it up towards Newfoundland.
Image is for New Years Eve.

Then Into Hurricane Force Low #2, New Years Day.

Then the EURO develops another Weak Low at the tail end of that front, (Chain) East of Florida cranking up NE Winds once again. Image is for Wednesday January 3rd, 8 days from now. The EURO then moves the Low off towards the East with no fan fare.
The GFS takes the Weak Low expected East of Florida mentioned above and sends it up into the North Atlantic Passing Well SE of Newfoundland. OTS (Out to Sea) if you will, as the 2ND Hurricane Force Low, but then drops the Clipper Energy (mentioned with the EURO above” in behind the departing Low while intensifying this into the 3rd Hurricane Force Low for NATLC Waters. Thats a tightly packed P-Grad from New England down into Florida. Image is for January 1st, going into the 2nd.  So as you can see both models are hinting at a BIG Blow coming inside of 8 Days.
Alot of water is getting ready to get on the move. Stay tuned to our social feeds for Real-Time Updates. There will be changes in the models over the upcoming days and a better handle on winds will be coming in the updated forecast packages as we head into the weekend.
Stay Tuned.

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