Twin Storm Force Lows

Ok guys here’s what ended up verifying out of our call on a Possible Major Swell Event we have been advertising here on We now have Twin Storm Force Lows churning in the North Central Atlantic. The first one developed yesterday just West of the Azores and the other on the backside of Bermuda. The negatives are the systems have set up a bit further to the East than when we first started to look into this over a week ago putting U.S. East Coast locations further away from the swell source. The other negative Storm Force vs Hurricane Force although winds with Storm Force Low West of the Azores did max out to gust to 60KTS

And here’s this mornings first visible as the sun came up this morning. The Storm Force Low East of Newfoundland very picturesque. Seas are forecast to increase to excess 35 Feet next 24-48 hours as it moves up to the NE to NW of Ireland. This will in turn reinforce Northerly Swell coming out of the North Atlantic. The Storm Force Low East of Bermuda has current MAX Seas of 26 Feet qualifying for a Major Swell Event however majority swell component aimed at the Bahamas out past PR. This will in turn, turn the majority of the North Atlantic into a Northerly Swell component.
Latest 48HR Swell Forecast out of NOAA’S OPC ¬†showing NE Swell 12-13 seconds with NW 15-18 seconds headed towards AFRIKA.

We have gone into a Buoy Watch. Stay tuned to our social feeds for the Real-Time updates.
As of report time 10:30 AM EST
South Hatteras Buoy: ESE Winds 20-25Kts NE Swell starting to show around 2 Feet 10 Seconds.
Paul West Bermuda: East winds 5-10Kts NE Swell rising now to 7 Feet 10 Seconds.
South Bermuda Buoy: NNE Winds 15-20Kts NE Swell 6 Feet around 10 seconds.
NE Bahamas: East winds 15-20Kts NE Swell 3 Feet 11 Seconds.
PR Buoy : ENE winds 20-25Kts 3 Feet of NE Swell 11 Seconds.

U.S. East Coast surfers. Get what ever is coming over the next 3-4 days. Models hinting at A PROLONGED period of Westerly Wind component coming that will create Lake Atlantic conditions for the Majority of the U.S. East Coast locations in the extended forecast period. Cold and flat not what we want to hear but it looks like its coming. Slight hope coming from STRONG High Pressure developing in the East Atlantic this weekend into next week for some clean peeler LB waves for select locations.  All for now, stay tuned in for the updates.

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