Latest Look at the Tropics 9-25-2017

Here’s the latest look at the tropics. We are 5 days away from closing out the month of September.
October is the month where we go back into a pattern where Homegrown development can occur. What do we mean by Homegrown Development. This is tropical development that can occur in your backyard meaning they do not give you a lot of preparation time. Although we can still get development coming out of the Atlantic in October typical origins of development come out of the Western Caribbean. So think of something developing in the Central Gulf and within 3-5 days making landfall. This type of scenario does not give you alot of prep time.
Latest run of the GFS takes this energy out of the Gulf of Honduras up through the YUKE Channel over Florida.
Where it develops it into a weak area of Low Pressure East of the Florida Coast. No Storm at this point maybe a Tropical Depression but this is only one model run and we haven’t seen this afternoons run of the EURO. As a reminder weak areas of Low Pressure known to produce copious amounts of rain. The GFS from here moves it back across South Florida before washing it out in the GOMEX. Again 1 Run.
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