Latest On Maria 9-23-2017

Heres the Latest on Maria. One thing for certain we will be talking about her for at least 5 more days. The chances of some direct impacts of Maria are increasing for the OBX and Mid-Atlc especially coastal residents as large seas and large surf to become the rule. Heres the latest forecast track out of the National Hurricane Center. Models have been shifting ever so slightly towards the West. Several variables are in play. Keep in mind the margin of error of the 5 day cone at the 5 day mark is 211 Nautical Miles.
This was this mornings look.
It appears Maria is ingesting yesterdays trough East of Florida. This may help to broaden the wind field of NE fetch developing and COULD be partially responsible for why the models are shifting towards the West a bit 
Current Max Seas are now at 45 FEET forecast to remain in the 40 foot range next 24-48HRS.

Here’s our latest video update. We will likely to another video update tomorrow. Stay tuned to our social feeds for updates.

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