UPDATE LATEST on JOSE September 14th 2017 96L 97L INVEST

I apologize about video quality and I am scatter brained this morning.
Please Excuse any errors

Morning everyone prayers to all dealing in the wake of IRMA. For my peeps in the 904 I dedicated this song from Little River Band for the River City yesterday on our Social Feeds.
HANG ON……Help is on its Way….
I’ll Be there as Fast as I Can……
Dont Forget Who Takes Care of You……
I’m sorry to say, I wont have all the time I’d like to track JOSE. I am now involved in the cleanup process of Hurricane IRMA and have a ton of work ahead of me as I have to make a living. I get paid zero $$$ for my efforts to keep an EYE open for EVERYONE in what I do with my unique forecast abilities. But thats ok, EYE don’t do it for the money, EYE do it for the love of what EYE do.

When the final story is written on JOSE and what the final chapter will be, it will likely be the story of JOSE torn between two lovers, GAIL and IRMA. Sing it…. and yes I know GAIL is GALE.
Right now I’m listening to Little River Bands LADY. For those that have not been following me for a while, as I discussed in one of my recent forecast videos, I try to link songs to what I see in the imagery as a cryptic message and to QUOTE, Its up to you to connect the dots UNQUOTE.
The other thing we mentioned  back when IRMA was coming up past PR, was to STOP staring at her EYE.  There’s a reason why the eye of a hurricane stares at you. To keep you from looking at the pattern all around her.

I Look around…come to me…. I have no answers but know where I wanna be….
I look around….. to see what plays a part…..
I was born in the winter but cooled by a warm heart…..
NOW LADY (IRMA) let me take a look at you now you’re there on the dance floor making me want you some how (JOSE)

Its who does JOSE love best and IRMA was not like the rest. She went against conventional wisdom(also mentioned in our video) and advertised on our Social Feeds that JOSE would likely follow suit wit da Loopty Lupe.

Latest 72HR Surface Forecast out of the National Hurricane Center X Marks the spot.
We’ll go dancing in the dark (Lots of ppl without electricity) walking through the park and reminiscing.

I’m praying its not Central Park.
00Z EURO +240
Or the Hatteras National Sea Shore.
00Z GFS +150
Thats all I got…Got to go to work. I broke out my second phone to help me do updates when I get breaks today. I Will do my best to keep up on our social feeds with updates throughout the day. Twitter @DaDaBuh… Insta @DaBuh…FB DaBuh Surf.
Which reminds me. For those who are unaware. We are a Marine/Surf forecast entity. So even if JOSE is no threat to you land lubbers, does not mean he’s not a threat to those on DA WATTA.

ALSO…NO ONE….INCLUDING ME…. can tell you where JOSE is going to end up…NO one.
With that said Florida is still in play. Dont believe me ? Go back up and look at the 72HR surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center. Theres a reason why the UKMET showed what it showed.

Speaking of reasons. And plz dont’t take this as bragging but simply think to yourself what could the reason. I ask myself this everyday to see if they unfollow. How is it in a world of PHD’s and Degrees does this happen to someone who has no formal training in meteorology that barely graduated High School. Girlfriends,,,,,Its DaBuh’s things that make you go hmmmm……

SURFERS….. its all right there in the Tropical Atlantic Forecast Branch tweet on the deck this morning. For those entered in Salt Life Food Shacks Florida Big Wave Challenge. Jeff Crego and Tristan Thompson think they got it won. Heres your chance to prove them wrong in the up coming forecast period. PS my vote counts this year as I am an Official Judge of this years contest.
Thank you Greg Saig.
Stay tuned. Will try and get a forecast video up tonight. Will post it here top of the thread.
For those who only subscribe to our YouTube Channel your probably not reading this right now.
So sorry for you.

Lastly, I believe in signs as a decedent of an Ancient Rainbow Warrior.
Neba Tink, Sum-Ting Knot Possible, Wheat-Out Furst Luke-King at Da Posse Billy-T
Da-BooDa (its where DaBuh came from)

I’ll translate..
Never think some thing is not possible without first looking at the possibility.

Unfortunately there is alot of knocking on doors right now who did not heed the warnings of the National Hurricane Center and your state local county emergency officials. #Irmarecovery.
Hats off to all First Responders.

I’m in a league all my own.

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