Latest on HARVEY 92L INVEST Possible IRMA Major Swell Event ?

UPDATE Thursday August 24th 2017
Video Forecast Update Added
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Previous Text Update 2 Days Ago 8-22-2017
Heres the very latest in the forecast. Looks like the HARVEY Comeback tour is underway as low pressure looks to be closing off the NW tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. Forecast models very consistent taking HARVEY into Southern Texas as a Tropical Storm/Hurricane. Still some uncertainty on track and strength. Texas resident through Louisiana will not have much time to prepare as the systems begins to lift NW away from the YUKE. 
12Z EURO making landfall into Southern Texas next 72HRS. Again some uncertainty here because….
By Day 7 the EURO moves HARVEY back over the NW GULF. Florida Pan Handle and West Florida Surfers stay tune to our social feeds for the update. If this were to verify could put a shot of W/SW swell in the water. Not seeing it yet though translate into the swell models but that doesnt mean its not coming stay tuned.

In this same image 92L INVEST that we have been tracking for over a week looks to finally crank up off the SE U.S. Coast. So a week from today the EURO is showing HARVEY in the West Gulf and Possible IRMA lifting up to the OBX along the coast. As it lifts North strong onshore flow developing. All mariners commercial fisherman with interest in this region should monitor the progress of this system as small craft advisories will likely go into effect along with small craft should stay in port.

Now check this out. Two days ago we posted this to our feeds and said  Ancient Rainbow Warrior Sign Da Gorilla is in the Room (Elephant in the Room ? ) and has the EYE of GOH. I promise you there is a methos to the madness. 
12Z EURO and GFS Possible MAJOR SWELL EVENT Coming just inside 10 days and the Gorilla looks like he is going to ground and pound a bunch of people. Thats HARVEY to the left IRMA off the OBX maybe JOSE SE of Newfoundland or a no name storm with KATIA or JOSE coming off AFRIKA.
All the players are on the board so its a matter of it coming together. GREAT back to back consistency in the models on the idea. If this were to verify and it looks like its going to or at least some variation of two systems producing NE fetch it will be on like Donkey Kong. With large swell being produced reaching into SOFLO out to the Bahamas all the way through the Eastern Caribbean. So first 92L gets going as IRMA creating onshore flow and NE fetch then the Low SE of Newfoundland develops behind it. Thats NE Swell wrapping into NE Swell for Major Swell Event.

Leave you with one more Ancient Rainbow Warrior Sign the sign of the CAT. As in Possible Season 1st Cape Verde Hurricane moving out into the Atlantic as a 3rd Swell source after these 2 systems depart NE. Here KITTY KITTY KITTY.
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