Latest on 91 92 and Soon to be 93L INVEST

Very active pattern for the Atlantic. The question remains as to what will come of it. For our followers who are not of the Surf or Marine community not much here for you today. As of now the only system out of the 3 the only one at the moment that has any land threat potential looks to be 91L INVEST East of the Islands. National Hurricane Center now issuing advisories on PTC #9 currently forecast as the 3rd Hurricane of the season, Franklin CAT 1, GERT CAT 2
We are also monitoring a T-Wave over the NE Caribbean. Although development is not likely this will enhance rains for the region and help enhance ESE trade wind flow and swell,As of report time the East Bahamas Buoy with gust to 30Kts with seas in the 6 foot range with what appears to be first sign of swell directional change on the South Bermuda Buoy rotating from WNW to ESE.

This is the latest NOAA 96HR Swell forecast. Showing Northerly Swell coming out of the North Atlantic and ESE Swell coming out of the main development region behind 91 92 and soon to be 93L INVEST. Small patch of Southern Hemi Swell and GERT Swell pushing off towards the East.Thats all we have time for for now. We have gone into another Buoy Watch follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time updates. Latest out of the National Hurricane Center wind wave forecast showing seas increasing into DD Territory 10-12 Feet North of PR next 72HRS with more likely on the way behind 93L INVEST. Latest Video Forecast Update

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