TD#8 Forecast to Become GERT 91L INVEST W-Afrikan Coast

Monday August 14th 2017

99L Invest East of the Bahamas has turned into TD#8 and is forecast to become Tropical Storm GERT later today. Swell from TD#8 is just beginning to filter into the buoys for Florida Surfers. Buoy Watch in Effect. East Canaveral as of 10AM is approaching 4 Feet out of the ESE at 9 seconds. Near Shore Canaveral and Grays Reef have moved up just over the 2 Foot mark and should slowly increase throughout the day as the fetch is currently aimed at the Central Florida Coast to points Northward. In addition the systems is moving off towards the NNW pushing water towards the Coast.
Next buoy up South Hatteras Buoy now 4 Feet out of the SW.
Possible Surf Alert for South Facing Beaches along the Mid-Atlantic through NE. Latest 48HR wind wave forecast out of NOAA’s OPC showing seas increasing excess 20 Feet to possible 25. Image is in meters. Take note that the arrow points to the right side of the system in front of SSW winds to 50KTS. If you saw our last video update this is where we discussed the system being heavily weighted on the East Side of the semi circle behind Southerly winds. It is also the point where we mentioned in the video Florida Surfers could get robbed.
Wind forecast for Tuesday with strong SW Flow with GERT ? headed Out to Sea
Not to worry as we now have 91L INVEST off the West Afrikan coast. Pattern developing should lead into a multiple day run of swell coming starting around next weekend. We are now inside of 30 days to the statistical peak of the 2017 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. (Sept 10th) 
National Hurricane Center showing a 20% chance of development next 5 Days. I would expect a bump to 40% at the 2PM update.
Copy of a Tweet from yesterday morning.

Last nights run of the EURO 1…2….3… +240 (10 Days).
Its why we watch you follow DaBuh.
Thats 91L INVEST as HARVEY off the South Florida Coast and maybe 2 more. Image is for a week from this Wednesdays.
Thats it for now waiting on the afternoon model runs to cyclce and will cut a video forecast update later today after we’ve had a chance to look. Stay Tuned to our social feeds for Real-Time Updates.
I’ll leave you with this. Keep in mind this is 1 Run of many more to come. Image is a week from today.
NE Swell Plus SE Swell typically leads to nice peaks.
Stay Tuned for the video forecast update. Will post it at the top of this post so check back for it later today.

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