Tropical Storm FRANKLIN 99L Goes Poof ?

Wednesday August 9th 2017
Latest Video Update

For those who were waiting on the video forecast update I apologize for not posting one. I’m finding it difficult to put something together under that format as the forecast has changed since our last update. We do our best to wait til the last moment when were are confidant in what we are seeing in the forecast to cut a video. With that said, we now have Tropical Storm Franklin. We are halfway there on our call (Now 8 days ago) with this Tweet from July 31st. With 99L INVEST all but toast, Homegrown development is all that is left for the call to verify

Here’s this mornings Water Vapor Imagery. Franklin “Rounding the Corner” into the Golfo de Hondura crossing the YUKE into the Bay of C. Large Upper Level Low NE of PR sucking in T-Wave energy. Although not very often, given the right circumstances, ULL’s can and have work there way to the surface. To add to the intrigue, models for what ever reason have a hard time seeing it. Thats partly the reason for the old saying Weather Happens in Real-Time”. The other is, Nothing in Weather is Absolute Until it Happens in Real-Time. It is something we are keeping an eye on. Florida Pan Handle Surfers there is a shot as some SMALL YUKE Channel Swell from Franklin worth keeping an EYE on it. Obviously the bigger swell will be along the TX-MEX Coast.

99L INVEST is all but toast. Tweeted 3 days ago now that the system “Could go POOF”.
For those who didn’t see our last post Twitter is where we share all of our Real-Time updates. We share some to our other social platforms but not always especially during times of increased activity it becomes difficult to keep up with the other feeds.

National Hurricane Center now giving 99L INVEST only a 20% Chance of development next 5 Days. Heres this mornings IR. What you see on the left NE of the Virgins is the moisture content of a Tropical Wave getting sucked into the ULL detailed above. 99L in the middle with a NEW T-Wave exiting the AFRIKAN Coast.
Looking at 99L in the SAL Imagery and over the last several days 99L has been self defeating. What has been happening is while 99L has been moving off to the West a moderate area of SAL has been moving in tandem with it and is currently sandwiched between the ULL and 99L. The broad counter clockwise rotation continues to suck in dry dusty air into 99L’s COR rotation not to mention  SAL pushing up on the rear.
The next obstacle is a wall of shear. Although shear has decreased a little over the last 24HRS it will be difficult for 99L to pass. There were signs briefly it would but that changed overnight. For those who remember TD 4 and the ULL that parked NE of PR here we go again.
This means we will have to wait for what ever is left of 99L to cross the 65 Long line which essentially marked by the backside of PR which the 00Z EURO shows in about 5 days where we could see a bump in surf along with the possibility of Homegrown Development.
Thats it for now follow us on our social feeds for Real-Time Update and stay tuned to the forecast. Remember just cause models show no development now doesn’t mean they cant at the next run.

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