Possible Surf Alert NHC 20% Chance Next 5 Days

Here we go again. What a fun run of Summa Time Surf for July. From our last update we talked about how July was likely to end on the C name (CINDY) then we ended up briefly with DON and 96L INVEST which fizzled out but still aiding in the recent run of swell. We are 5 days away from closing out July and there is an outside shot we could see EMILY before the close but not likely.

Start you off with Climo. We are now at the 45 Day mark from the peak of the 2017 Atlantic Tropical cyclone Season.
This is the time of year where things can ramp up quickly. Some of the most active seasons in the record started after August 1st with the A Name. August is known as the Bunny Month like a Jack Rabbit racing to the Peak.
National Hurricane Center 20% chance of development next 5 days. This will likely become 97L INVEST in about 5 days or so maybe sooner.
Image from earlier this morning. Latest NOAA 48hr Surface forecast takes Low Pressure over Western Afrika and into the Atlantic. Although the National Hurricane Center has there X South of the Cape Verdes in the above image.
Possible SURF ALERT Coming. Latest NOAA 96HR Swell forecast. The SW Swell you see off the coast is due to a developing GALE with primary SW Flow. Look East of Bahamas and you can see resurgence in ESE swell periods 8-10 Seconds.
Latest Run of the GFS next 96HRSLatest Run of the EURO at 96. Both Models in good Agreement. Both Images are for Sunday. 2-3 Day travel time on Swell. So next week setting up good along portions of the SE U.S. Coast.
Will stick with the EURO for now at Day 10. Looks like extended period of ride-able surf coming to kick off August. Possible EMILY with more Easterly Trade Support.
Latest Youtube Forecast Update. I apologize about video quality. I record via my phone and recently had to get a new one. What was touted as a great camera actually sucks. I’m an owner now of it.

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