Ex-Don 96L INVEST and Buoy Update

DON has dissipated, victim of Westerly Shear. Swell energy from DON/95L INVEST combined with a combination of Southern Hemi Swell energy, along with High Pressure wind swell out of the North Central Atlantic and is now on the move through the buoy system.

St Martins Buoy this morning. ENE Winds 15-20Kts with current Max Seas around 7 Feet.
Forecaster Note: We will be watching to see what 96L INVEST will add to this Buoy next 48hrs for this weekend.

On the PR Buoy swell height has bounced around from 2 feet up to 5-6 feet this morning out of the ESE at 9 seconds. Longer period pings you see is the Southern Hemi swell energy.

NE Bahama has also come up a couple of feet since this time yesterday into the 4 foot range.
Swell periods a little shorter. 4 Feet ESE around 8 seconds.
Swell energy from what was TD4 also in combination with High Pressure wind swell has finally faded on the East Canaveral Buoy. Buoy has finally dipped under 3 feet.
Thank You TD4. Bump on NE Bahamas Buoy now inbound.
South Hatteras 3 feet with some chopped up mess mixing in some 5 second intervals.
The East Hatteras Buoy showing swell directional change with SSW Swell at around 4 feet.
Latest on 96L INVEST. 96L about to turn itself into the Atlantic Tropical Cyclone’s Sheriff Dept.
Surrounded by dry dusty air 96L INVEST about to get Choked Out.
This is a negative as we really needed the Northern Ext to fire up to increase winds North of the LAT 20 Line. We will see. Thats Ex-DON bottom left. 2017-07-19_063615
The only other thing to note in the upcoming forecast is models hinting at some refreshing NE winds coming up. Latest run of the GFS for week from this Friday. Long ways out but models continue in the last several runs. This with HP wind swell out of the East Atlantic giving us hope in the extended.2017-07-19_064313
EURO for next Thursday

Thats it for now. Stay tuned to our social feeds for Real-Time Updates.

Although NHC popped a name on 95L INVEST it does not appear to be another name scheduled til after the 1st of August unless Home Grown. Go back up to the GFS and look East of Florida.

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