95L INVEST Possible Fun Surf Alert Coming

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I apologize for video quality. We record via our cell phone and we had to get a new one and still trying to dial it in.

Heres the next shot at some ride-able surf above waist high. We now have 95L INVEST out in the Central Atlantic. National Hurricane Center placing odd of 40% Chance of development next 5 days. Surfers are reminded we don’t need a named system to produce surf. we need the right pattern and fetch. Some of the best surf has come from no named systems. Chances are we won’t see a named system out of 95 and its almost a certainty what ever becomes of 95L its headed into the Eastern Caribbean where it will likely die. Strong Easterly trades in the Eastern Carib are known to disrupt surface circulation.2017-07-16_181835
Latest NOAA 72HR Surface forecast out of the National Hurricane Center is showing some lift in latitude however. This is the time of year where the Northern Extensions of Tropical Waves can enhance ESE Trades.2017-07-16_162103
Latest 72HR Wind Wave Forecast out of the NHC showing Max Seas at 10 Feet around the Eastern Carib. However what we are watching is for the 2ND Wave behind 95L (Area with seas of 8 Feet) as models also give this wave some latitude. 2017-07-16_182524
Latest 96HR Wind Wave Forecast out of NOAA’S OPC. Image is in meters showing seas increasing 10-12 Feet in ESE Swell well East of the Islands.2017-07-16_164514
Latest NOAA OPC 96HR Swell Forecast showing another round of 8-10 second swell periods coming. Also take note of the SSE Swell 13-14 Seconds. Another Rare Southern Hemi Swell looks to penetrate North Atlantic Waters yet Again.2017-07-16_161851
Latest Run of the GFS for winds image is for Thursday. Patch of 30-35KT winds North of the 20 Lat Line. this means the Swell will pass North of PR with the Bahamas and the only source of swell blockage.2017-07-16_163225
So stay tuned for the updates. We will likely add a YouTube  Forecast video update to this post tomorrow so check back for it. As part of our forecast routine we will go into a Buoy Watch starting probably around Tuesday. Follow our Social Feeds for that. Again if you are unfamiliar with how we handle our feeds, everything goes to Twitter first then we share to Insta then FB. We do not always share whats on Twitter however.

We are 2 Weeks away from closing out July of the 2017 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. Chances are increasing that we COULD close out July with 1 Cyclone TD4 and no additional named systems. Have no fear as August is known as the Bunny month as we race towards the Peak of Hurricane Season.2017-07-16_175211
Heres the seasonal activity chart. Sept 10th marks the peak and we are now inside of 60 days.2017-07-16_184222
Stay Tuned

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