Latest on Ex-TD4 Possible 95L INVEST COMING

Here is the latest on Ex-TD4 North of PR this morning. Youtube video bottom of the post.
Appears broad rotational spin is developing and for the 3rd day in a row convection is re-firing once again. EURO and UK-MET have been hinting at regeneration last several days. Where and when is a mystery at the moment but we are about to solve the puzzle. 2017-07-10_102330
Latest Run of the EURO has it going into the Florida Panhandle Region by day 7. Thats from current position into the Bahamas, across SOFLO, into the Gulf, and into the P-Handle as WEAK area of Low Pressure. NOT A STORM, NOT A HURRICANE. However its all up in the air at the moment.
Next up POSSIBLE 95L INVEST coming. National Hurricane Center giving 20% chance of development next 5 days from a Tropical Wave that has moved off the AFRIKAN Coast.2017-07-10_102831
This mornings visible. Take note of the appearance marked 72HR2017-07-10_103026
National Hurricane Center 72HR Surface Forecast showing Low Pressure lifting NW X Marks the Spot.2017-07-10_103246
00Z GFS Day 5 with DON again.2017-07-10_103424
00Z EURO Day 5 with DUD again. However look into the GULF Ex-TD42017-07-10_103516
Latest 48HR swell forecast 2-4 Feet ESE swell 8-10 seconds.
UNLESS…..this thing gets its act together which is not out of the realm of possibility.
Another Rare Southern Hemi Swell2017-07-10_104022
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