Latest on TD#4 Another Shot at Don

Heres the latest on TD#4. TD#4 Official forecast out of the National Hurricane Center is for dissipation over the next several days. We are at the cross over portion of the forecast, the “Fork in the Road for those who’ve seen our reference where all the environmental conditions this system has been fighting the system gets away and into a somewhat better environment.2017-07-07_153210
NOAA OPC 96HR Surface Forecast showing Post Tropical Cyclone 4.2017-07-07_153433
Latest NOAA Wind Wave forecast showing Seas Increasing into the 10-12 foot range next 96hrs Image is in Meters.2017-07-07_153612
Latest Swell Forecast is showing 8-10 Second ESE Periods Developing and the North EQUAT Buoy is showing increasing swell heights into the 6 foot range starting so looks like a decent bump MAY BE coming. Follow us on our social feeds. We will go into a buoy watch next 48hrs.2017-07-07_153833
Latest Video Update Check this post for updates for updates on Possible Regeneration over the next day or so.

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