94L INVEST POSSIBLE 1st Hurricane Atlantic 2017 Season

We now have 94L INVEST. Chances are increasing over the next 24-48 hours that 94L becomes Tropical Storm Don (Dahn). We are now calling for Possible Surf Alert coming with a Possible Major Swell Event. Some uncertainty is starting to work its way into the forecast however.
Heres this afternoons look at NEWLY designated 94L INVEST.2017-07-03_125459
We did not get a chance to discuss this in our video. We don’t edit our videos so sometimes we leave stuff out accidentally we originally wanted to discuss. If you have been following the models there is no coincidence of the small circle you see NNE of PR . This is exactly the area to which the models bring 94L Possible Dahn. From there there are a few players on the board that bring us to pause on any out to sea solution. YES, that is likely the solution out to sea. However the TUTT Low over the Florida Keys may play a role in the eventual track of this system. Right now its wait until it comes out of the hole and gets N of PR.2017-07-03_130302
And thats if it does get N of PR. We think based on imagery there is an outside chance this gets South of PR and into the Eastern Carib. From there it could die or come across Hispan into the Bahamas. Its an outside chance. But one thing experience tells us is to not discount anything this early in the game. 2017-07-03_131659
Latest 72HR Wind Wave Forecast showing seas increasing into Double Digits setting up the Possible Surf Alert portions of the U.S. East Coast.2017-07-03_084700
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