POSSIBLE Surf Alert Mid-ATLC -NE Tropics Heating Up

Possible Surf Alert coming for Mid Atlantic through New England Breaks with this Low pulling out of the Gulf. East Florida could see a decent shot coming. Have gone into a Buoy Watch. NE Winds are cranking from the Texas Tower Buoy (Off New Jersey) through the Cape. As of report time (10AM EST) Texas Tower NE 15-20Kts. Nantucket Buoy NNE Winds 20-25Kts gust to 30 and inside Boston Buoy NE 25-30Kts gust to near 35 with light NE Fetch into Cape May. There is also a GALE/Developing Storm near Newfoundland headed for the NATLC also putting a charge of NE Swell in the water.

Latest Surface Analysis NOAA OPC2017-06-06_100608
The Low coming out of the GULF is the Wild Card for East Florida. Models track it up and out of the way fairly quickly and close to the coast both negatives for swell production along with SW flow SE quad.
The further off the coast more NE Winds over the ocean and the slower it moves giving duration is one thing we will be looking at. The other wild card might be because it clears quickly it may allow more NE energy to sneak in towards Florida from GALE  that is currently East of Newfoundland in the image above.

This is the Outer Waters Marine Forecast  for South of the 31 Line. Have seen it change 10 times in two days.   2017-06-06_101637
Notice the time difference from above. 2017-06-06_102041
AMZ 111 showing some NE swell trying to pass through this zone.2017-06-06_102542
Then it looks like a possible repeat performance coming in re to Tropical Development coming to the GOMEX in the extended forecast. Go with our latest video forecast update for now. Best watched in full screen.

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