Possible Major Swell Event Setting Up

MONDAY APRIL 17th 2017

Pushed for time. Youtube video forecast will be added to this post shortly. Here comes Easter Swell 2017 in the latest NOAA OPC 96HR Swell Forecast. Seas increasing excess 30 Feet next 72 to 96HRS.2017-04-14_075307
Exciting times ahead as models show this Low or DNA from this Low hanging around over the next 10 days. Latest 96HR Surface forecast showing stationary.2017-04-14_075457 And the overnight run of the EURO at day 10. For those who saw our post on our social feeds in reference to 3 quarters 2 dimes and a nickle making a Silver Dollar here it is. Thats alot of ocean moving around. Go back to the 96HR Swell Forecast above and move it to this position in 10 days.2017-04-14_075626
Additionally we are keeping an eye on the GFS as the model continues to suggest DEEP Tropical Moisture returning to the Eastern Caribbean up coming forecast period it what would be the 3RD weak area of Low Pressure to move into the vicinity of Hispan. Potential for the seasons first torrential tropical rains coming.2017-04-14_065332
With potential heavy rains into Southern Florida.2017-04-14_073343
Although they may not get the 6-12 needed the above would start to put a dent in it.2017-04-14_081314
Stay tuned for the video update coming. Will add it to the top of this post.

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