UPDATE Possible Surf Alert Coming

This is an update to our post 3 days ago on Possible Surf Alert coming. Model trends over the last 72 hours have trended a bit weaker with Low Pressure Development North of Hispaniola. Heres this mornings visible satellite imagery with the front sweeping off the South Florida Coast. A Low Pressure Trough is forecast to develop at the end of the front. This is a similar setup as we saw a few weeks ago with 90L INVEST. Will we see 91L INVEST ? At the moment it doesn’t look like it.2017-04-07_082102Regardless this will set up a Possible Surf Alert coming for portions of the East U.S. Coast. Taking a look at this mornings Big Picture. An AZORES GALES is forecast. Right hand portion of the image. Seas increasing to near 25 Feet in positive swell production and will get some NNE Swell going in the East Atlantic.2017-04-07_080623This is the latest wind model for the EURO for next Thursday now inside of 7 days where confidence begins to increase. High Pressure Bermuda stack. For those who followed the 91L event. High Pressure stack here always leads to look out below. 2017-04-07_082823
GFS with a weaker solution same time frame. 2017-04-07_083014
So to summarize this is NNE Swell from AZORES LOW pushing into the back of Low Pressure Lifting out of the Eastern Caribbean and this should lead to some longer swell periods across the Atlantic. Image GFS April 13th.
We are now 55 days until the Official June 1st start of the 2017 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season. Keep in mind since 2010 the Atlantic has seen 5 or 6 named systems with one becoming a hurricane prior to the June 1st official start, so we are getting closer to a 30 day window where we could see tropical development. The early seasonal forecast by the team at Colorado State University lead by meteorologist Philip Klotzbach  was released yesterday calling for a slightly below normal 2017 season. Subscribers are reminded that it only takes one.
Can read the forecast by CSU here. 2017-04-07_090506
Switching you back to Real-Time and a look over to Afrika this morning. All though the Cape Verde Season doesn’t get started util late August through September it wont be long until the first Tropical Waves begin to roll off through the ITCZ. Sometimes theses waves like waves on the beach come in sets. Sometimes they are clustered together sometime apart. As seen in the image below there are 3 entities along the ITCZ. This is a key indication that the season continues to progress towards Tropical Season.2017-04-07_072932
Taking a quick look at the extended. This is the GFS at Day 9 April 16th. First time in the run EURO shows weaker solution not alot of confidence at the moment but looks like period of positive swell production coming for Western Atlantic waters.2017-04-07_093147Follows us on our socials for Real-Time updates.
Stay Tuned.

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