Another INVEST Coming ? April Fools Swell Update

What a fun run of surf for many locations in the Atlantic all the way around the rim. Sorry for the delay in updates but my daughter was struck by a Pigmy Rattlesnake over the weekend. She is fine and did not need to have the anti-venom administered. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for those who follow me personally.

Latest NOAA OPC 24HR Swell forecast showing NNE swell continuing for the West Atlantic over the next 24-48 hours or so.2017-04-03_085130With the East Atlantic picking up 15-18 second WNW Swell.2017-04-03_085451
Unfortunately the WSW Flow setting up along the U.S. East Coast will hinder the NE Swell height trying to sneak pass the OBX. There is some underlying NE Swell showing on the Buoys this morning and there is an outside chance that some of the energy can make it towards the coast. South Hatteras Buoy showing 7 FEET 11 Seconds out of the NNE.
Big Big Ups to long time follower Christopher Hong from the Florida Times Union for the heads up on the Army Corps of Engineers operation a St Augustine Buoy. Buoy showing some long period swell starting to filter in but only about a foot. We will continue to monitor this buoy for upticks in trend next 24 hours or so.
And for PR and Islands the South Bermuda Buoy showing positive trend moving into double digit territory. 10 Feet 13 seconds out of the NNW. Winds are out of the North 20-25Kts so positive push on the back. Surfer Joe from Puerto Rico and Rincon Surf Report putting up some nice shots of the swell yesterday.

Upcoming forecast another INVEST Coming ? 4-5 days ago the GFS was showing an area of Low pressure trying to develop North of the Islands and then backed off in consecutive runs. Now in the overnight the GFS along with the Euro are hinting at the return. This is the GFS for 10 days2017-04-03_072519This is at 9. The European model is trying to get there.2017-04-03_080637
Not alot of confidence as of yet but the pattern developing looks like a return of heavy rains coming for the Islands. For now its Weight and Sea.2017-04-03_075710
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